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This section contains Frequently Asked Questions about modding WWE 2k Series games including answers.

General Questions

Q: Are things I download from Community Creations considered Mods?

A: No. Community Creations are different from mods, including their file structure.

Q: Is it possible to mod the console version of this game the same way as the PC version?

A: No, modding these games on consoles isn't possible the same way as on the PC version. Although some of the modded PC files may be usable on consoles as well and some modding would be possible if you were able to get around a console's data encryption, most modding tools won't work with console versions and modding if possible can only be done manually in similar ways as has been done in games on the last generation consoles. This forum is mainly about PC modding, however, so please remain on topic.

Backup and Recovery

Q: How do I create a backup of my (un)modified game files and/or save game?

A: Read the Create Backups Wiki entry.

Q: My save game has been corrupted and the game wants to create a new one on startup. Is there any way to recover my old save?

A: If you were wise enough to create backups, you'll be able to restore it by following the steps on the restore save wiki section.

Q: I want to clean up my game from mods and start a new save game. Is there any way to do so?

A: Yes. First, uninstall your game and delete all files that may still be left in the game folder. If you have created a backup of your unmodified game directory before, you can copy it back to the game directory. After that, or if you don't have any backups, reinstall the game via Steam. After that, follow the instructions on the restore save wiki page and ignore the step where you copy the backed up save, so the game will create a clean save on startup.

Questions about Modding and Mod Installation

Mod Installation

Q: How do I install Mods?

A: Read the Installing Mods Wiki page.

Q: I want to install a wrestler mod. What do I have to install?

A: Read the Wiki page on Installing Wrestlers to find out.

Q: Which tools can I use to install a mod?

A: A combination of Custom Character Tools (aka CCT) and Data Editor should have you covered. Visit the Modding Tools Wiki page to learn more about the available modding tools and what they do.

Q: When I download a mod or tool, the downloaded files have an odd file ending like .zip, .7z, .rar, etc. that isn't listed on the WWE 2k File Types Wiki page. What are those and how can I install mods from them?

A: Most mods you download are compressed/packed with compression tools to save space and download size as well as to be able to download multiple files in one package. You'll first have to extract/decompress these files with appropriate tools. While newer versions of Windows can read and extract standard .zip files itself, you'll require third party compression tools like the freely available 7-Zip to extract .7z, .rar or other formats that have a higher compression ratio than .zip.

Q: I want to install a wrestler mod but the name isn't listed in CCT, Data Editor or other modding tool of choice. How can I install it?

A: The names only show which the default wrestlers for the slot are or which ones are recommended to be used by the tool creator/community. What is important is the Wrestler ID/Slot ID. If a wrestler isn't found in a tool, pick a slot of a wrestler you do not wish to use and install it in it's place instead. Be sure to set all the Wrestler ID for the chXXXYZ.pac, .pofo and .moveset files to match each other so they will all be assigned to the same slot. On a side note, some newer versions of Data Editor will list names before IDs by default. You can tick the List Names before IDs in Dropdown Boxes and sort them alphabetically in Data Editor's Tools tab to list them by ID instead. Also, you can edit the files in Data Editor <version>\Data\DataLists\Modded\*.data (for example for Wrestler IDs, for Tron IDs, etc.) with any text editor and change the names associated to each ID to your liking. Also note that CCT doesn't support slots that require the CAWless Mod at all.

Q: Why are some names in Data Editor marked as [Mod], <Mod> or <<Mod>> and what's the difference between them?

All three of these may be used for mods. However, some require additional Mods/Tools to be accessible. The slots marked with [Mod] are available in the game from the get go, you can simply install mods into them. Slots marked as <Mod> will require you to install PerfectPlextra or use PacPlus in order for them to be usable in the game. Slots marked as <<Mod>> require the CAWless Mod and PacPlus to be running. Note that CCT doesn't support CAWless Mod, you will have to use WrestlePlus to install mods into these slots instead.

Q: Can I add a Render to a Created Superstar (CAW/CAS)?

A: No. Renders can only be added to in-game superstars and mods. These renders are saved as actual game files. Renders of created Superstars are created by the game taking a screenshot of your created superstar (depending on the game, in the pose you've chosen) when you save them in Create a Superstar mode and saved inside your save data which can't be easily modified without compromising it's integrity.


Q: How do I learn how to mod?

A: Read the wiki page on Modding. It contains information, guides and tutorials on how to mod Characters, Graphics, Audio, Entrance Animations, Arenas, and more. You can also use the search function on the Smacktalks Forum to search for guides and tutorials on modding there (it's useful to also search the forums for older games, as much of the information still applies to newer games!).

Q: Which tools can I use to mod?

A: Visit the Modding Tools Wiki page to learn about the available modding tools and what they do.

Q: Is it possible to extract/convert a CAW/CAS to a chXXXYZ.pac?

A: No. CAWs use a completely different format than chXXXYZ.pac files.

Q: How do I change the name of a wrestler?

A: You will require Data Editor to open the .pofo file and edit the Name Settings. To learn more about how to do it, visit the Data Editor Tutorials.


Q: The Victory music and/or trons don't play for my wrestler or certain alternate attires after the match and/or during entrances, even though they appear to be correctly assigned. What can I do to fix it?

A: Edit your wrestler's .moveset file Data Editor and tick the corresponding Media Workarounds boxes. Visit the Data Editor Tutorials in order to learn how to do this. Also note that if you are using an Advanced Entrance for your Wrestler, also set the Basic Entrance Media to the same as Advanced Entrance Media, as some game situations (entrances during Royal Rumble, some Cutscenes, etc.) will default to the basic entrance Media settings even when you have an Advanced Entrance set for your Wrestler.

Q: How can I restore an in-game wrestler's original, unmodified .pofo, .moveset, .attire_names or an original, unmodified in-game Tag Team's .team_info?

A: Data Editor includes a copy of each original .pofo, .moveset, .attire_names, .team_info, etc.. files from the game in Data Editor's respective Templates folders. You can load them and install them to the game with CCT to restore the original data, then save the game. You can find more information on how to do this in the Data Editor Tutorials.

Q: Why doesn't my Wrestler appear in Universe mode in WWE 2k19?

A: You'll have to create your Universe Mode save, then go back to the main menu and use CCT to import the wrestler's .pofo and .moveset files for the respective Universe1, Universe2 or Universe3 save. Note that some earlier games don't require this.

Q: My game worked fine before, but it crashes on startup after modding it. What can I do?

A: Regenerate your Chunk0.def file via CCT and Clear your Chunk0.arc file via CCT or Data Editor (depending on the game).

Q: Why does the game take an incredibly long time to start after modding?

A: The game can load extremely long, the more mods you have installed and the slower your computer and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is (can take up to 20+ minutes on very slow computers with old, slow-spinning HDDs!). It's because it has to load the modded files. Some newer games use the Chunk0.arc file to speed up startup times, but if you mod you have to clear or delete this file for mods to work, which causes the game to startup slowly. The only way to alleviate this is to either not use mods or buy a fast Solid State Drive (SSD) (and possibly a faster, newer generation processor with more cores, but an SSD will make the biggest difference) and install the Operating System and game on it.

Q: Why does my game hang or crash at character selection screen or at the match loading screen when I select my modded Wrestler?

A: If it crashes right at character selection or at the loading screen, then the game can't access the chXXXYZ.pac file(s). There are several possible reasons. It could be that either the chXXXYZ.pac(s) don't have the SlotID, Attire Number and Attire Type set correctly for the attire you wish to use, the SlotID you installed the Wrestler as doesn't match the WrestlerID set in the .pofo and .moveset file you used or the chXXXYZ.pac file is corrupted or incompatible with the game. To fix it, exit the game, open your .pofo and .moveset files in Data Editor to double-check you Wrestler ID is set correctly (select a different Wrestler ID for each file and then the correct one again, which should set all Wrestler ID entries in the .pofo resp. .moveset file), then reinstall your chXXXYZ.pac file using CCT into the slot with the same SlotID as the Wrestler ID set in the .pofo and .moveset file. Clear the Chunk0.arc file and Regenerate the Chunk0.def file with CCT (it must be CCT!). Restart the game. This should fix it. If not, then the chXXXYZ.pac file is likely corrupted or incompatible to the game and you'll have to find a different one that actually works instead. You can also try editing your wrestler's .pofo and .moveset files with Data Editor or create new ones and see that everything including animations is set to correct, valid values (read the Data Editor Tutorials to learn how to do that).

Q: Why does my game crash before/during entrances?

A: Because the chXXXY4.pac file you've installed as the selected entrance attire is corrupted or buggy or your Chunk0.def file (if the game requires it) hasn't been regenerated properly. Regenerate your Chunk0.def file, restart the game and see if that helps. If not, delete the problematic chXXXY4.pac file and try again. It can also happen that a attire (entrance or ring) is buggy and will only crash during certain camera angles present during entrances and/or replays but not during matches, but you won't be able to fix it unless you fix the mod itself via actual Modding. Another cause for such a crash during entrances or even matches could also be that the game is trying to load a corrupted/incompatible/missing .pac file of a wrestler that does the run-in if you have run-ins enabled, in which case it will be harder to figure out which file is causing it and you'll have to recheck all your modded .pac files as described above. Another cause could be that animations the game is trying to play are corrupt. You could try to edit/replace your wrestler's .moveset file with Data Editor and ensure all animations (including entrance, victory and moves) are set to correct, valid values.

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