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Thanks to research that has been done, entrance animation editing is possible. While this section won't show you how to do it, it should give you a rough understanding as to how entrance animations work. The entrances themselves are located in pac\evt.

For 2K15, they are in multiple Entrance pacs. See the Entrance IDs to have a look at what I mean.

In WWE 2K16 and later, they are separate pac files that are labeled as 00(ID). For example:

    00100    The Rock
    00101    Stone Cold
    00102    Triple H
    00103    Undertaker
    00104    Chris Jericho
    00107    Kane
    00108    Booker T
    00110    Edge

This section will only be focussing on 2K16 and 2K17's entrance directory.

The basics of an entrance

In an entrance pac are two BPE compressed files - the EVP and the EVZ. The EVP contains information on the rope movement. It must be edited if you are using a ported 2K15 entrance (such as CM Punk). The EVZ is where the real meat of the entrance resides. In order to start playing around with an entrance, you must decompress the EVZ and open it as a PACH (in 2K16) or as a SDHC (in 2K17).

What's in this PACH/SDHC

Inside this file are a bunch of file listings.

    0000     The wrestler motion
    0007     TBD
    000A     The wrestler camera
    000C     Seems to control rope movement/TBD
    000D     Seems to control rope movement/TBD
    000E     TBD
    000F     TBD

Let's dissect these files


This file is, as stated earlier, the motion of the file. When viewed in a hex editor, it is comprised of 9 (sometimes 10) 8-byte strings.

   00000000    Seems to control the model timing of when to come out. Linked to the intro camera(s).
   00000001    This file exists for, seemingly no reason. 
   00500000    The wrestler's stage motion. Linked to the stage camera(s).
   00500001    The facial animations for that motion.
   00100000    The wrestler's ramp motion. Linked to the ramp camera(s).
   00100001    The facial animations for that motion.
   00150000    The wrestler's ring-in motion. Linked to the ring-in camera(s).
   00150001    The facial animations for that motion.
   00200000    The wrestler's ring motion. Linked to the ring camera(s).
   00200001    The facial animations for that motion.

You can mix and match different motions. If you are going to do that, however, you will also need to edit the 000A.




Similar situation with the motion.

   00000000    Intro Camera 1
   00000001    Intro Camera 2
   00500000    Stage Camera 1
   00500001    Stage Camera 2
   00100000    Ramp Camera 1
   00100001    Ramp Camera 2
   00150000    Ring-in Camera 1
   00150001    Ring-in Camera 2
   00200000    Ring Camera 1
   00200001    Ring Camera 2

To help aid in the "pattern", I have bolded and italicized the parts. What this mean is, if the first intro camera defined in the 000A is played, then stage camera 1, ramp camera 1, ring-in camera 1 and ring camera 1 all play. On the other hand, if the second intro camera is played, then stage camera 2, etc all play.

There are, of course, some exceptions. The tag entrances all use 1 camera:

    00000000    Intro Camera
    00500000    Stage Camera
    00100000    Ramp Camera
    00150000    Ring-in Camera
    00200000    Ring Camera

If you want to use a tag-team motion on a non tag entrance, you must set both camera files in the wrestler camera to be the same as the tag camera.









Can you give me an example video of what you have made?