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Caveman is a programmer and texture Modder and the creator of the freely available Data Editor modding tool for various editions of WWE 2k Games on the PC as well as various texture mods.


The following is a selection of modding tools and mods Caveman has released or has helped with.

Modding Tools

Data Editor

Data Editor is a software for the WWE 2k Series of Games including WWE 2k18, WWE 2k17, WWE 2k16 and WWE 2k15 that allows the user to create and edit data files like .pofo, .moveset, .team_info, .match and .attire_names and more to make modding easier for everyone.

Universal Alternate Attire Unlock

The Universal Alternate Attire Unlock is a helper mod that allows users to unlock Alternate Attires for in-game wrestlers as well as wrestler mods. It is part of the Data Editor and many mods from other users are based on it.


WWE 2K Data Analysis

Enable Multi GPU Support for WWE 2K PC Games

How to Recover from a Corrupted Save


WWE 2k18 PC

Empty Dummy Renders for WWE 2k18

WWE 2k17 PC

AJ Styles 10+ Attire Pack for WWE 2k17

WWE 2k16 PC

AJ Styles 10+ Attire Pack for WWE 2k16

It's Bayley Attire Pack for WWE 2k16

WWE 2k15 PC

Dean Ambrose 10+ Attire Pack for WWE 2k15

Samoa Joe 10 Attire Pack for WWE 2k15

WWF No Mercy N64

Wear multiple Championship Belts to the Ring Mod

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 N64

Wear Championship Belts to the Ring Mod

Community Creations

Search for Cave Waverider in WWE 2K Games for Steam PC and Xbox One to find Caveman's Community Creations. If you download them it will give him additional upload slots and he'll be able to upload more creations.


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