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'''[http://smacktalks.org/wiki/index.php/WWE_2K_File_Types Back to File Types]'''

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.team_info files are used to save Tag Team and Stable Information files for a wrestler in WWE 2k games. They are used in Modding Tools such as Custom Character Tools, Data Editor and X-Packer.


The .team_info file format was presumably created by Tekken57 for his X-Packer tool. It contains the section from memory/saves where the basic information of a tag team or stable is stored. It was adopted by Caveman's Data Editor followed by TheVisitorX' Custom Character Tools which all support this format.

File Breakdown and Analysis

This file type is different for various games. This section breaks down this file type per game.

WWE 2K17

A Breakdown of this File Type in WWE 2K17.

Click here for the File Breakdown

WWE 2k15 and 2K16

A Breakdown of this File Type in WWE 2K15 and WWE 2K16 (they are the same in those two games)

Click here for the File Breakdown

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