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X-Packer is a paid tool created by Tekken57 that can be used for extracting and injecting files into PAC, PACH, HSPC, and SDHC files.

It is also capable of compressing files into ZLIB formats while injecting, and is useful for injecting and extracting files from texture pacs.

X-Packer has a number of other features, including the ability to inject information such as pofos and movesets into a game's save file, and the ability to edit game string text.

An X-Packer license will support all minor updates released within that calendar year, but are not transferable to the next annual release of X-Packer.

X-Packer licenses are generated based on a hardware profile, therefore hardware changes may render a license code obsolete. In this instance it is recommended that you contact the creator to discuss renewal of your license.


The following are links to the main information and download pages for various Editions of X-Packer:

X-Packer 2017

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