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The following are File Types available in WWE 2K games as well as file types relevant to modding.

File Types from WWE 2K Games

File types used by WWE 2K Games.

Top Level File Types

The following file types are the main, top-level file types used by the WWE 2K series of games.

.arc - Usually used for Chunk caches to speed up game startup/loading.

.def - Definition files that define the location of .pac files.

.pac - Container files used to store various file types.

string_win.pac - String File for WWE 2k17 and later games

string.pac - String File for WWE 2k16 and earlier games.

.pck - Audio Archives. Contain Entrance themes, commentary, announcements and other sounds.

.bk2 - Bink Video files. Used for videos like Trons, Show intros and more.

Lower Level File Types

The following File types are lower level file types that are usually inside the top level file types in the WWE 2K series of games.

.bpe - Compressed Archives used in many Yuke's games.

.dds - Texture files.

.hspc - HSPC Archive.

.jboy - Object File.

.pach - PACH Archive

.sdhc - SHDC Archive.

.yobj - Object File.

.zlib - Archives compressed with the .zlib Software Library.

Additional File Types relevant to Modding WWE 2K Games

File types have been used by modders and modding tools.

.attire_names - Files used to store Wrestler Attire Names.

.match - Files used to store Custom Create-a-Matches.

.moveset - Files used to store a Wrestler's Moveset.

.pofo - Files used to store Wrestler Information.

.team_info - Files to store Tag Team and Stable Information.

.title_history - Files to store a single Title's history.

.title_info - Files to store Title information.

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