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This Section is about modding Graphics like Tron Videos, like Titantrons, Mini/Ribbon Trons, Wall/Banner trons, Stage/Ramp Trons and Apron/Post Trons.

Creating Tron Videos

To create a Tron Video, you'll have to have a standard video file of various formats and convert it to the .bk2 format in the appropriate Tron Size. You can download videos and convert them to the desired video format with tools like Any Audio Converter and more or create your own with various video creation software.

Converting Videos to .bk2 format

To convert videos to .bk2 format, you'll require RAD Video Tools. With this program, you can convert any standard video file you have an appropriate Codec installed to the .bk2 format at the Tron Size of choice. Note that by default, RAD Video Tools will create files with the .bik extension, change the extension to .bk2 before you begin the conversion process (or rename the file extension afterwards).

Removing sounds from .bk2 videos

To remove sound from your .bk2 videos, use RAD Video Tools, select the .bk2 file and click on the Mix in Sound button. In the field Sound file to mix, simply enter - (aka minus), then click the Mix button. This will strip the sound from the .bk2 video file.

Tron Video Naming Conventions

Titantron videos are stored as WWW_0XXX_Y_Z.bk2 files in the <GameName>\Movies\titantron folder. Newer games like WWE 2k18, WWE 2k19 and later also have different sub-types for Titantrons (but not other trons!), and only their file names may use the WWW_0XXX_Y_Z_T.bk2 format. This format also holds true for Creation, Universe and Career Mode videos.

Other Trons, like the Ribbon/Minitron, Wall & Banner Tron, Stage & Ramp Tron and Apron & Post Tron are stored 0XXXYZ as .bk2 files (may have different extensions there, but the format is essentially .bk2 nonetheless) inside 0XXXYZ.pac files.

The following placeholders are used on this wiki page (when referring to the format WWW_0XXX_Y_Z for example):

WWW ... Usually three letters. ent, tag, etc..
XXX ... Titantron ID (For ent trons it usually matches the Wrestler ID and must be in the 100-999 range)
Y   ... A number between 0 and 9. Sometimes used for wrestlers that have multiple versions with different Wrestler IDs.
Z   ... A number between 0 and 9. Usually used for wrestlers that have multiple attires with different trons assigned to them by default.
T ... A number between 0 and 2 (0 = RAW Style, 1 = Smackdown Style, 2 = Classic Style). This is may only be used in the file name of the Titantron only (but not other trons!) to differentiate between the Titantron Type and only used in WWE 2k18, WWE 2k19 and later, but not earlier games. The .moveset or .team_info still only uses the WWW0XXXYZ format, as the game will dynamically decide which T to use depending on the arena/Titantron Type.

Note that Internally in game memory the letters from the WWW placeholder plus the following _0 for Titantron and other .bk2 videos are converted to a number that is added to the numbers from XXXYZ with the underscores removed:

ent_0XXX_Y_Z -> 0    + XXXYZ = XXXYZ
tag_0XXX_Y_Z -> 1000 + XXXYZ
cre_0XXX_Y_Z -> 2000 + XXXYZ
uni_0XXX_Y_Z -> 4000 + XXXYZ
car_0XXX_Y_Z -> ???? + XXXYZ

Note that Data Editor also uses the above format for prefixes and internally, although in the Tron ID list(s) it will display it with underscores for better readability:

ent_0XXX_Y_Z -> 0    + XXX + _Y_Z = XXX_Y_Z
tag_0XXX_Y_Z -> 1000 + XXX + _Y_Z = 1XXX_Y_Z
cre_0XXX_Y_Z -> 2000 + XXX + _Y_Z = 2XXX_Y_Z
uni_0XXX_Y_Z -> 4000 + XXX + _Y_Z = 4XXX_Y_Z
car_0XXX_Y_Z -> ???? + XXX + _Y_Z = ?XXX_Y_Z

Tron Sizes

The sizes for Tron Videos vary from game to game.

WWE 2k19 Tron Sizes

Default tron video sizes for WWE 2k19[1]:

RAW Titantron (new format) (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z_0.bk2): 1280 x 320 pixels

Smackdown Live Titantron (new format) (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z_1.bk2): 960 x 320 pixels

Classic Titantron (new format) (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z_2.bk2): 640 x 640 pixels

(Titantron (old format, used for fallback in some cases)[2] (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z.bk2): 640 x 640 pixels)

Ribbon Trons (short loop) (\pac\mov\ss_mini\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 256 pixels

Ribbon Trons (long loop) (\pac\mov\ss_mini_long\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 256 pixels

Wall and Banner Trons (\pac\mov\ss_wall\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 512 pixels

Stage and Ramp Trons (\pac\mov\ss_ramp\WXXXYZ.pac): 640 x 640 pixels

Apron and Ring Post Trons (\pac\mov\ss_apron\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 256 pixels

Note: Unlike it's predecessors, WWE 2k19 doesn't have the Titantrons assigned for all slots by default. Many Tron ID slots won't work or will only show certain sizes of trons. You'll have to download and install the Titantron Fix to enable them for virtually all slots and for all the sizes. Also, you will have to include files for RAW, Smackdown and Classic Titantrons for it to work in all arenas.

[1] WWE 2k19 will stretch various titantron sizes to fit the tron, so you might not have to necessarily have to follow the default sizes. You should be able to simply copy one to the RAW, Smackdown, Classic file names. However, the quality will likely be better if you actually bink them to the correct sizes each.

[2] WWE 2k19 doesn't actually use this tron format, but it can be a good idea to include it as default just in case the modern ones may not work with some (modded) arenas or Titantron ID slots.

WWE 2k18 Tron Sizes

The tron video sizes for WWE 2k18:

RAW Titantron (new format)[1] (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z_0.bk2): 1280 x 320 pixels

Smackdown Live Titantron (new format)[1] (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z_1.bk2): 960 x 320 pixels

Classic Titantron (new format)[1] (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z_2.bk2): 640 x 640 pixels

Titantron (old format, used for fallback)[1] (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z.bk2): 640 x 640 pixels

Ribbon Trons (short loop) (\pac\mov\ss_mini\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 256 pixels

Ribbon Trons (long loop) (\pac\mov\ss_mini_long\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 256 pixels

Wall and Banner Trons (\pac\mov\ss_wall\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 512 pixels

Stage and Ramp Trons (\pac\mov\ss_ramp\WXXXYZ.pac): 640 x 640 pixels

Apron and Ring Post Trons (\pac\mov\ss_apron\WXXXYZ.pac): 512 x 256 pixels

[1] WWE 2k18 doesn't have the modern Titantron format WWW_XXX_Y_Z_A.bk2 assigned for all slots. Many Tron ID slots, especially the ones not used by the game, will use the 640x640 pixel Titantron format with the naming scheme XXX_YYY_0_0.bk2 (note the missing underscore and digit at the end) known from previous games instead.

WWE 2k15-2k17 Tron Sizes

The Tron Video sizes for WWE 2k15, WWE 2k16 and WWE 2k17:

Titantron: (\movies\titantron\WWW_XXX_Y_Z.bk2): 640 x 640 pixels

Minitrons (short loop): (\pac\mov\ss_mini\WXXXYZ.pac) 512 x 256 pixels

Minitrons (long loop): (\pac\mov\ss_mini_long\WXXXYZ.pac) 512 x 256 pixels

Walltrons: (\pac\mov\ss_wall\WXXXYZ.pac) 512 x 512 pixels

Titantron Fix

Some games like WWE 2k19 (earlier ones don't) require a Titantron Fix to be installed in order for custom Titantrons of all sizes and/or various IDs to work.

Adding Tron Videos to the Create an Entrance Tron Selection Menu

To add Tron videos that aren't selectable in the game to the Tron Selection menu in the WWE 2k19's Create an Entrance Section with WrestleMinus, watch this Tutorial Video by Fusion.

Installing Tron Videos

Click on this link to learn how to install Tron Videos for Wrestlers and Teams.

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