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The main tool for creating and editing wrestler information (stored in .pofo files) and movesets (stored in .moveset files) is Caveman's Data Editor. These files, in addition to matching chXXXYZ.pac files are required for modding Superstars.

It is recommended that people consider contributing to the modding community by sharing their created movesets/pofos for inclusion in the Mods section on Smacktalks.

Pofo Modding

This section contains information regarding the modification of Pofos.

Moveset Modding

This section contains information regarding the modification of Movesets.

Creating Movesets

1) Backup an in-game moveset using CCT.
2) Edit that in-game moveset using the in-game tools.
3) Export the edited moveset using CCT.
4) Tweak and edit the edited moveset using Data Editor.
5) Save the edited moveset and inject it using CCT.
6) Test the injected moveset and make any fixes needed.
7) Export the fixed and complete moveset.
8) Inject it into whatever slot is needed.
9) Inject your backup back into the base slot you edited.

Fixing Broken Movesets

ex: movesets with "green moves"

1) Find a moveset ingame without the green reverse moves (Moveset A).
2) Export Moveset A and back it up using CCT.
3) In-game “Copy from Superstar” to copy your broken moveset over Moveset A character.
4) Use CCT to extract the newly copied over (and now fixed) moveset.
5) Use Data Editor to edit the fixed moveset and redo the Entrance and Animation settings.
6) Inject the fixed moveset into the proper slot with CCT.
7) Inject the previously backed up Moveset A into the proper slot with CCT.
8) Make sure to save in-game so the injections don’t reset after a reboot.

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