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Render Modding

Renders are stored in .dds files.

You can use Custom Character Tools to inject renders for Wrestlers.

Read more about Inejecting Character Renders by clicking here.

Menu Modding

Menus can be modded in various ways. There is no information about it here yet, however. Please search the Smacktalks Forums for more information.

Audio Modding

Audio is typically stored in .pck files.

You can use Sound Editor to replace (but sadly not add) Audio like themes, crowd chance, announcer speech, and more.

Video Modding

Converting Videos to .bk2 format

To convert videos to .bk2 format, you'll require RAD Video Tools. With this program, you can convert any video file you have an appropriate codec installed for to the appropriate .bk2 Tron Size. Note that by default, RAD Video Tools will create files with the .bik extension, change the extension to .bk2 before you begin the conversion process (or rename the file extension afterwards).

Removing sounds from .bk2 videos

To remove sound from your .bk2 videos, use RAD Video Tools, select the .bk2 file and click on the Mix in Sound button. In the field Sound file to mix, simply enter - (aka minus), then click the Mix button. This will strip the sound from the .bk2 video file.

Tron Modding

Visit the Tron Modding section of this Wiki to learn all about modding Graphics like Tron Videos, like Titantrons, Mini/Ribbon Trons, Wall/Banner trons, Stage/Ramp Trons and Apron/Post Trons.

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