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Fire Pro Wrestling (ファイヤープロレスリング) is a long-running professional wrestling video game series originating from Japan. It started in 1989 by Human Entertainment, and is currently developed owned by Spike Chunsoft. The series is distinguished by its grappling system, which is primarily based on timed button presses and strategy. Another signature feature of the series is its Edit mode, a character creation feature with many options to customize appearances, wrestling moves and A.I. behavior.

Unlike many other pro wrestling games, most Fire Pro games are not licensed by any major professional wrestling promotion, but does feature likenesses of real-life wrestlers under different names. Games in the series generally utilize 2-D sprite-based graphics, with some later games incorporating 3-D graphical elements. Most of the titles in the Fire Pro Wrestling series have been released exclusively in Japan, although some of the games have seen releases in other parts of the world.


The Following is a selection of Games that are part of the Fire Pro Series:

Fire Pro Wrestling World



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