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chXXXYZ.pac is typically used as encoding of a Character .pac file. X,Y and Z are used placeholders for digits in this case.


ch = Prefix for Character .pac files.
XXX = placeholder for the three digit Wrestler ID (also sometimes referred to as PACH ID, SlotID or the likes) the .pac file represents.
Y = placeholder for the one digit Attire Number the .pac file represents.
Z = placeholder for the one digit Attire Type the .pac file represents.

The above are mandatory for the naming scheme of chXXXYZ.pac files, although you may also include a suffix that doesn't contain any digits. Click the links to learn more about valid values, etc..

The placeholders have to be replaced with the appropriate digits, of course.

Use Cases

chXXXYZ.pac files are used for files of wrestlers, be it existing in-game wrestlers or Modding and Installing Mods.

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