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CakeTools is a free and open-source WIP tool for working on .CAK archives used in WWE 2K20 created by HanleysFramer. It contains functionality for inserting, importing, exporting, and replacing files within a .CAK archive. There are basic MDL! operations for working on 3D file types used in WWE 2K20. Included are scripts for importing and exporting MDL files into 3DSMAX 2020.


HanleysFramer has been sitting on this for a while but hasn't released due to a lack of a few key features that would ease the workflow, however since he hasn't been actively developing this tool, he figured he should release what he's got so people can mess around with the assets. It is not a fully polished tool currently so be forewarned not everything will work correctly. This tool will also not be actively receiving updates for a while, but this might change down the line.


- Drag and Drop any .CAK archive into the window, provided they are appropriately named bakedfile's 0-9 (support fot 10-99 will be added in the future).
- Drag and Drop files into window when clicked on any folder to import into current folder. If any files are preexisting, they will be replaced over with your newest file.
- MDL tab allows for OBJ imports and exports.
- Create a directory with the "New" button for subfolders and the "Add Folder to _root" button for main folders.
- "Insert" has the same functionality as Drag and Drop.


CakeTools official Download on the Smacktalks Forum

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