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The Attire Type is a number that represents the type an Attire is of in WWE 2k series of Games.

Valid Attire Types

Each attire requires a corresponding chXXXYZ.pac file, where XXX is the Wrestler ID, Y is the Attire Number and Z is the Attire Type. The Attire Type in the name of the ch*.pac file is coded as follows:

0 = Referee (usually lower-polygon models)
2 = Ring Attire (Used as in-Ring gear for wrestlers/Managers)
4 = Entrance Attire (Used during Entrances for wrestlers/Mangagers. If no Entrance Attire exists for the linked Attire Number, it defaults to the Ring Attire)
6 = NPC (used for NPCs like announcers, NPCs in entrances like Adam Rose's Rosebuds, Godfather's Hos, etc.. They are usually lower-polygon models)

Use Cases

Attire Types are most prominently required to install mods with Alternate Attires as well as NPCs.

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