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The Attire Number is the number of the Attire of the wrestler in the WWE 2k series of Games.

Valid Attire Numbers

Typically, a wrestler can have up to 10 Attires. Each attire requires a corresponding chXXXYZ.pac file, where XXX is the Wrestler ID, Y is the Attire Number and Z is the Attire Type. The Attire Number in the name of the ch*.pac file is coded as follows:

0 = Attire 1 (This is the fallback attire and has to be present in the form of the chXXX02.pac file. If any other attire is selected in the game of which the corresponding chXXXYZ.pac file doesn't exist, it defaults to this attire)
1 = Attire 2  

2 = Attire 3 

3 = Attire 4

4 = Attire 5

5 = Attire 6
6 = Attire 7

7 = Attire 8

8 = Attire 9

9 = Attire 10

Unlock Alternate Attires

These attires need to be unlocked via the Universal Alternate Attire Unlock to be fully accessible in the game. Alternatively, WWE 2k+' Match Edit functionality can set alternate attires that haven't been unlocked via the Universal Alternate Attire Unlock.

Use Cases

Attire Numbers are most prominently required to install mods with Alternate Attires.

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