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.pac files are containers which typically hold PACH or SDHC files, which in turn contain various game files such as YOBJ files or textures.

In WWE 2K17 and beyond they are being replaced by HSPC files. The main difference between HSPC and PAC files are that the sub files inside of HSPC files are named using string hashes that have no legible naming pattern.

When doing Character Modding it is recommended to use the older PAC format as it allows much more flexibility with the use of files.

.pac files are required to be installed or modified while the game isn't running, for they are only loaded on game startup.


File Breakdown and Analysis

This file type is different for various games. This section breaks down this file type per game.

WWE 2K17

A Breakdown of this File Type in WWE 2K17.

WWE 2K16

A Breakdown of this File Type in WWE 2K16.

WWE 2K15

A Breakdown of this File Type in WWE 2K15.

Notable .pac Files

string_win.pac (WWE 2k17 String File)

string.pac (WWE 2k15 & WWE 2k16 String File)

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