63blank SummerSlam 88 Apron and Flag Fix Arena Mod for WWE 2K19
SummerSlam 88 Apron and Flag Fix (Arena Mod)
If you use retro characters for your 80's universe mod, you will notice the Saturday Nights Main Event Arena has been removed this year. The only 80's WWE arena in the game is the Summerslam 88 Arena, which has black overhead flags on all sides with the Summerslam 88 Apron. I noticed in wwe 2k15 the Summerslam 90 and 91 Apron's just have Summerslam written on them. They also both have blue Summerslam overhead flags and a black flag with the wwe logo on it. I have ported these over to replace those on the Summerslam 88 arena. I also replaced the default wwe logo with the retro WWF logo.

Instructions : Unzip. Copy the two files in the pac to the pac/Arena/apron folder and pac/arena/entrance folders . Do remember to backup the files being replaced. The arentrance00043.pac and arapron00035.pac.

There are two entrance folders in the zip. The other contains the flag with the classic wwe logo (with the F removed) .You only need to use either one as you wish.

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