Honky Tonk Man (Superstar Mod)
Decided to port my Honky mod from 2k15 over, I have included his music file (use Sound Editor to inject it into Futuristic1), pofo, & moveset. I have no idea how trons work this year but his original tron from 2k15 is included. I didnt spend much time on the moveset, it is basically Ted DiBiases moveset with the taunts and Finishers changed, if someone wants to make a more accurate one it would be much appreciated.

Ive also ported the Jimmy Hart attire from 2k15, use the pofo and moveset from squaredcirclefan's Natural Disasters port.

Credit to Bugsyboy for some of the original textures. Thanks to Brave for his advice on removing the shine.

Thanks to Possum, CaveWaverider, Tekken57 & TheVistorX without their hardwork none of this would be possible!
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This Mod was added on the 11th November 2018.
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