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Request Music For CAWS


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If you have a request for a superstars music to use in CAW mode, reply in here and I'll try and get it for you.

yes i have some wwe song that i dol form www.YouTube.com
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okay, i have 3 for asking,

1 - Randy Orton's (NEW THEME) Voices by Rev Theory

2 - John Cena's (CURRENT THEME) TIME IS NOW by John Cena

and 3 - Jeff Hardy's (CURRENT THEME) No More Words by..... i dont know who did JH's song....

Smacktalks, can u plz get those for me, and tell me if i put the game into my computer, and i add the songs, will it mess up the game....


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How do you burn the music as an audio cd...I burned chris masters song and my xbox won't read the cd! What have I done wrong?


well for intance 1- BURNED TO A CD, no,non,non,.....

what u do is u take the game, put it into your computer, click open file veiw then drag the music u want into the music file on the game........

UR WELCOME (ortonisstl).......

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