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I'm working on a website that will host previous game movesets (Tree of Woe!)


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I'm currently working on 2K18 because thats the oldest game I own of the PS4/Xbox one era. I plan on doing all the base roster movesets as I don't  own any of the dlc for it as well as doing a taunt page that will convert taunts that have a different name in 2K24. I will most likely move on to 2K23 after I'm done with 2k18 til I can get the other gamesScreenshot-20240405-175618-Chrome.jpgScreenshot-20240405-175703-Chrome.jpgScreenshot-20240405-175656-Chrome.jpgI don't know when I'll publish the site it will at least be after I finish 2K18 if anybody is willing to help me with the dlc moveset please let know I have plans to go back to games as far back as it let's me see movesets like no mercy but I want to focus on movesets that can easily convert to the current game for now.

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From what I know, sometimes character mods from the previous version might work with the new one, but it's not guaranteed. It really depends on how much has changed between 2k23 and 2k24. If you haven't seen a Sting mod for 2k24 yet, it might be worth giving the 2k23 one a try. Just make sure to back up your files before you do.

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