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Need help modding 2k14 arenas


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Hey all. So I've decided to mod 2k14. Taking isnpiration from alot of mods being posted for the game and mostly @justYn1893's 'Layin the Smackdown' Ps3 project. I've been working on the theme of the gmae to be from Early 1997 to around late 2006. So I've added the roster and changed the renders. However, needed help on Arenas. @Impalerposted a video on updating arenas in the arc and repalcing thme. However I have not got it to work and cannot seem why, maybe its a small mistake on my part but could someone take a look. 

This video shows how to do it. With him renaming the arena twice. One time he names it bg02.pac and the next is bg102.pac. Now I understand that ps3 has to be updated twice due to multi man mathces and single matches. So I've ended up doing the same. I've renamed the example arena from bgxx to bg102. Now I see that the ID of this is E8 92. Now i know I must flip this, and so when I run across the STG 0002.pac I will have to rename the file to 92 E8 and the same for STG 102, but it doesnt work for me when I try it the game still shows me the old NXT arena, any tips?



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