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delete the attires in "cct".. I have exceeded 100 authorize.. help me


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hello, I exceeded the limit of outfits but I did not know that there was this limit. So I would like to put the secondary outfits to the most important superstars.

but i can't remove them in cct... i installed it at base by going from cct program -> (outfits) try to unlock alternate outfits after import. Then I did the imports.

I can't go to the "unlock alternate attires" database program either, because this option no longer opens (a few months ago, however, it opened).

so this option there to delete does not work .. please help me by explaining me point by point because I have trouble with English.

I'm stuck... thanks

illumass - Frenchplayer

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On 6/23/2022 at 2:20 PM, Cave Waverider said:

Use Data Editor's Unlock Alternate Attires feature to manage the Universal Alternate Attire Unlock including, but not limited to setting which 100 wrestlers should have alternate attires available to them, how many attires each, etc..

thank you for your answer, but as explained "unlock alternative outfits" does not work, it does not open anymore...

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