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Can Virtual Basement shake the foundation of WWE/VC games with them announcing on their twitter account that they can confirm 1k Create A Wrestler slots or will it take more?

I believe that with 1K Create A Wrester slots available for players to use is a good start. But in my opinion it is going to take the inclusion of a Detailed Create A Finisher feature to make any kind of impact. If they can do these two things and allow players to add their own entrance music to a customizable titan tron that players can themselves create by adding images or save videos from matches that they will make Vince Mcmahon turn his head in awe. But they will need to be able to do this with all 1K Create A Wrestler slots and a detailed Create A  Finisher and Create A Tron without any bugs or performance issues. If they can do all that then they will stand a chance. Heck might not be a bad idea to use  the server to update rosters when they change in whatever form they do. 

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