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Moveset edits don't work. What am I doing wrong?


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Ok, so I'm a bit new to the WWE 2k19 modding scene, and I'm trying to start by editing the moveset of my CAW.

This is what I did:

1. Boot up WWE2K19 (legit Steam version), leave it at main menu

2. Launch CCT

3. Select my CAW, right-click, then select Edit>Data Editor>Moveset

4. Data Editor opens, I click the Corner button,  then change Strike 1 from Jab to a Right Body Blow. Click Ok to dismiss the Corner Moves dialog.

5. Click Install .moveset via CCT

6. CCT dialog appears, I choose the CAWS location, then hit Import.

7. Switch back to WWE 2k19

8. Go to My WWE > Edit Superstars, flip Adam Cole's crowd reactions, Accept, Save, Save all Settings, then check My WWE and Universe 1 checkboxes before hitting Save

9. Go to Main Menu, then Creations > Moveset > Select my CAW

The change in moveset that I made is *NOT* reflected in the moveset of my CAW. Did I miss a step?

I've tried this several times now, and it's really bugging me. Any help would be much appreciated.



For some strange reason, it started working after I rebooted my PC twice.  There were no pending installs or updates, so... Oh, well.

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It works now
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