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WWE 2K22: It Hits Different

WWE 2K22 has been officially announced on April 10, 2021, during the first night of WrestleMania 37. A first teaser trailer was released, showing some gameplay footage with Rey Mysterio and Cesaro.

After the cancellation of WWE 2K21, for the first time since the beginning of the series, the production timeline has been extended for one more year, to ensure that the Visual Concepts development team can create a great game with WWE 2K22.

A new Executive Producer has been hired to lead the WWE 2K development at Visual Concepts: he's Patrick Gilmore, who has over 25 years of experience in video games. 2K is confident that the extra year will lead to better games in the future, saying they're taking the time needed to deliver the quality that fans deserve.

A formal feedback project was run in May 2020 to collect feedback and discuss specific aspects of the game, such as Creations, Gameplay, MyCareer, Showcase, and more.

Below you can find in one place all the information and tidbits we gathered from the developers for the main aspects they're focusing on for WWE 2K22. While none of these features are yet officially confirmed for WWE 2K22, they've been publicly acknowledged and discussed by the developers themselves, so we can take them as a big indication of what they will be focusing on and working on.


Game Series WWE GamesWWE Main Series

Release Date October 26, 2021

Platforms PC WindowsPlayStation 5Xbox Series XPlayStation 4Xbox One

Publisher 2K Sports

Developer Visual Concepts



WWE 2K22 GM Mode

GM Mode has been by far the Top Community Request for WWE 2K22.

The revive of General Manager Mode from previous SmackDown vs. Raw games has always been a very requested feature from the fans. But this time around, the new Executive Producer for the series has publicly acknowledged this result, which means GM Mode will inevitably be a top priority for WWE 2K22 developers.

So although not officially confirmed, we can fully expect GM Mode to finally make a return to the series in WWE 2K22. We are very excited to see what the new direction at 2K is going to create for it.



WWE 2K22 Other Possible Features

Other features high on the list of the WWE 2K Top Community Requests, and that 2K has acknowledged and are surely considering for WWE 2K22 are:

Create A Story / Story Designer

Reviving Missing Match Types, including Special Referee

Ongoing Live Updates

Focus on Gameplay

Custom Music

Improvements to Create-A-Superstar Face and Body creations tools

Not locking Create A Superstar content and parts

Cross-Platform Community Creations

DLC with actual Superstars instead of 2K Originals

And many more features in the list of the Top Community Requests and the 2K Feedback Project.

Some specific improvements that the developers have actually mentioned they are looking at are:

Inspiration from previous games of the series regarding Gameplay and Story Modes

Improvements to Body Types in Create-A-Superstar to also allow super-heavyweight bodies in the style Keith Lee/Otis/Earthquake

In Create-A-Superstar, the ability to show/hide appearance and attire parts while working on the face and body

A Character Selection Screen separated by the Brand the Superstars appear in

WWE 2K22 Control Scheme

The community has clearly spoken both on Social Media and the 2K Official Forums, almost unanimously stating that they preferred the WWE 2K19 Control Scheme over the new one implemented in WWE 2K20.

2K has seen and listened, so we are very likely to see this changed back for WWE 2K22, or at least to see a control scheme more inspired to the one from WWE 2K19.


WWE 2K22 Roster Confirmations List by Date

WrestleMania 37 Reveal - April 10, 2021:

Rey Mysterio


Scanning Session - May 10:

Ric Flair

WWE 2K Dev Update - May 19:

Booker T

Patrick Gilmore Twitter - May 19:


Patrick Gilmore Twitter - May 24:

Randy Orton

WWE 2K22 Characters Confirmed So Far:


WWE 2K22 will be the first game with a one-year gap in development. The expectations are huge, and there's no better way to please the fans than with the biggest roster up to date.

Most if not all superstars from Raw and Smackdown will probably make it into the game. This might not be the case with NXT, like in the past, but we might be positively surprised if 2K focuses on modern wrestling and making the roster strong in talent.

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