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Hacking Superstar Attributes in SYM.


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I need help hacking superstars' attributes in SYM. The season mode matches have terrible AI that just sits there and waits for you to hit them and I just want to hack Kane's attributes and make them all 0s so I can play as him and still have it be a challenge. Thanks!

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Bro actually i don't support with ur statement..because hacking superstars and all are like violations of wwe 2k laws....sometimes u may get fine...i have read all those activities will lead to problem in license agreement....so pls don't try that...

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You can use the ability point modifier codes CB2 & GS2v3 [NTSC]

Credit: tokidoim

0 = 0 Ability Points
1 = 1 Ability Point
2 = 2 Ability Points
3 = 3 Ability Points
4 = 4 Ability Points
5 = 5 Ability Points


0042068C 0000000? (Power)
0042068D 0000000? (Speed)
0042068E 0000000? (Technical)
0042068F 0000000? (Rough Neck)

00420690 0000000? (Power)
00420691 0000000? (Speed)
00420692 0000000? (Technical)
00420693 0000000? (Rough Neck)

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