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Help with Changing CAW gender


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Hi all, so as the title states I tried changing the gender of my CAWs but it didn't work. I tried this (https://smacktalks.org/forums/topic/71972-memory-table-file-list-string-sheet/page/3/) guide which worked perfectly with regular superstars but when I try it with the first CAW hex which I believe is: (00 00 00 00 00 00 82 0F B8 B6 DE D4 99 9B EB 25 5E F9 7C C1 90 63 B2 0D 4F 0F 2D 28 97 8C 76 2A 00 00 00 00 00 01) , and I change the 2nd last 00 to a 1 and vice versa then nothing happens. More specifically when I have a male CAW in the first slot then changing it does nothing and when I have a female CAW in the first slot then the Gender code still appears as 00 instead of 01 and changing it over and over does nothing. 

If anyone know what I'm doing wrong and can help(especially in a step by step guide with screenshots cause I'm quite dumb) I'd really appreciate it.


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Can you show me how to change gender of default superstars in wwe2k19 using cheat engine while keeping the original superstar unchanged?

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