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dose any one know how to mod 2k19 and 2k20


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i have seen videos on youtube were people have modded 2k19 to fight on the roof of the house at the wyatt compound and i was wanting to know how to do it so i could try it and have fun with it and 2k20 i have also seen youtubers playing the game were you can fight in the pool and get acess to areas you cant normal access and fight on the road and on the train track and all the other areas that they all ways tease but 2k never lets it be playable and the lunch room and the hall way at the school and pretty much would like to brawl in all those areas like in the career mode i have seen player do it so please help of possible thats and i also wanna thank all the modders with out you guys none of this awsome stuff could be avallible to us so thanks so much!!

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