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Height Modifiers


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These are the values for heights as shown in the game's code:

0E10 = Trish Stratus
0E7C = Stephanie McMahon, Victoria, Linda McMahon
0E92 = Rey Mysterio, Mike Chioda, Earl Hebner, Ultimo Dragon
0EBD = Molly Holly, Jazz
0EE8 = Spike Dudley, Michael Cole
0EFD = Lita, Eric Bischoff, Tajiri, Chavo Guerrero, Sable, Jim Ross, Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Roddy Piper
0F13 = The Hurricane
0F28 = Rob Van Dam, Matt Hardy, Torrie Wilson, Jonathan Coachman, Tazz
0F3E = Chris Benoit
0F54 = Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Steven Richards
0F69 = Stacy Keibler, Rico, Shawn Michaels, Al Snow, Rhyno
0F7F = Kurt Angle
0F94 = D-Von Dudley, Rosie, Jamal, Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Snuka, Nikolai Volkoff
0FAA = Christian, Ric Flair
0FBF = Vince McMahon, Iron Sheik
0FD5 = Edge, Scott Steiner, Val Venis, Sean O'Haire, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, George Steele
0FEA = Bubba Ray Dudley, Billy Gunn, John Cena
1000 = Booker T, Ted DiBiase
1016 = William Regal
102B = The Rock, Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Rikishi, Randy Orton, Ultimate Warrior
1041 = Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar, Goldust, Goldberg, Animal
106C = Hawk, Hillbilly Jim
1081 = JBL, Test, Batista
1097 = Undertaker, The Undertaker
10C2 = A-Train
10D8 = Hulk Hogan
1118 = Kane
1184 = Big Show, Kevin Nash


The Rock Height: 204C1066 0000????
Stone Cold Height: 204C11D6 0000????
Triple H Height: 204C1346 0000????
Undertaker Height: 204C14B6 0000????
Rob Van Dam Height: 204C1626 0000????
Kurt Angle Height: 204C1796 0000????
Chris Jericho Height: 204C1906 0000????
Kane Height: 204C1A76 0000????
Booker T Height: 204C1BE6 0000????
Chris Benoit Height: 204C1D56 0000????
Edge Height: 204C1EC6 0000????
Christian Height: 204C2036 0000????
Matt Hardy Height: 204C21A6 0000????
Jeff Hardy Height: 204C2316 0000????
Lita Height: 204C2486 0000????
Bubba Ray Dudley Height: 204C25F6 0000????
D-Von Dudley Height: 204C2766 0000????
William Regal Height: 204C28D6 0000????
Lance Storm Height: 204C2A46 0000????
Scott Steiner Height: 204C2BB6 0000????
Stephanie McMahon Height: 204C2D26 0000????
Vince McMahon Height: 204C2E96 0000????
Eric Bischoff Height: 204C3006 0000????
Rey Mysterio Height: 204C3176 0000????
JBL Height: 204C32E6 0000????
Test Height: 204C3456 0000????
Big Show Height: 204C35C6 0000????
Trish Stratus Height: 204C3736 0000????
Tajiri Height: 204C38A6 0000????
Rikishi Height: 204C3A16 0000????
Ric Flair Height: 204C3B86 0000????
Stacy Keibler Height: 204C3CF6 0000????
Hulk Hogan Height: 204C3E66 0000????
Rosie Height: 204C3FD6 0000????
Rico Height: 204C4146 0000????
Jamal Height: 204C42B6 0000????
Billy Gunn Height: 204C4426 0000????
Chavo Guerrero Height: 204C4596 0000????
Victoria Height: 204C4706 0000????
John Cena Height: 204C4876 0000????
The Hurricane Height: 204C49E6 0000????
Molly Holly Height: 204C4B56 0000????
Torrie Wilson Height: 204C4CC6 0000????
Spike Dudley Height: 204C4E36 0000????
Brock Lesnar Height: 204C4FA6 0000????
Shawn Michaels Height: 204C5116 0000????
Goldust Height: 204C5286 0000????
Goldberg Height: 204C53F6 0000????
Sable Height: 204C5566 0000????
Mike Chioda Height: 204C56D6 0000????
Michael Cole Height: 204C5846 0000????
Earl Hebner Height: 204C59B6 0000????
Jim Ross Height: 204C5B26 0000????
Jerry Lawler Height: 204C5C96 0000????
Jonathan Coachman Height: 204C5E06 0000????
Linda McMahon Height: 204C5F76 0000????
Eddie Guerrero Height: 204C60E6 0000????
Billy Kidman Height: 204C6256 0000????
Batista Height: 204C66A6 0000????
Randy Orton Height: 204C6816 0000????
Val Venis Height: 204C6986 0000????
Al Snow Height: 204C6AF6 0000????
A-Train Height: 204C6C66 0000????
Tazz Height: 204C6DD6 0000????
Kevin Nash Height: 204C6F46 0000????
Steven Richards Height: 204C70B6 0000????
Roddy Piper Height: 204C7226 0000????
Ted DiBiase Height: 204C7396 0000????
Jimmy Snuka Height: 204C7506 0000????
Sean O'Haire Height: 204C7676 0000????
The Undertaker Height: 204C77E6 0000????
Shelton Benjamin Height: 204C7956 0000????
Charlie Haas Height: 204C7AC6 0000????
Animal Height: 204C7C36 0000????
Hawk Height: 204C7DA6 0000????
Ultimate Warrior Height: 204C7F16 0000????
Hulk Hogan Height: 204C8086 0000????
Iron Sheik Height: 204C81F6 0000????
Nikolai Volkoff Height: 204C8366 0000????
George Steele Height: 204C84D6 0000????
Hillbilly Jim Height: 204C8646 0000????
Rhyno Height: 204C87B6 0000????
Jazz Height: 204C8926 0000????
Ultimo Dragon Height: 204C8A96 0000????


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