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Weird Glitch I can't resolve using CCT or Data Editor

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Can anyone with experience help me with this?

I'm experiencing a few glitches I cannot resolve. This is the first one:

I've got an AJ Lee, loaded fine.

She replaced Eddie Guerrero (SLOT 118) No issues with POFO, no issues with Moveset.

I've updated one of the Titantron videos with her video. It plays fine in the preview (Same as I've done with other videos that are working fine!)

I've loaded the game, edited the POFO/Moveset via CCT:


Injected the revised moveset. Gone to "Play", correct video and audio doesn't play when she's selected.

OK, so I've gone to ENTRANCE CREATION. I click on the Titantron select, it's set to the correct file (Her video), it appears in the video preview option:


Yet when I go full preview, it's still showing the wrong video (Darby Allin) and playing the wrong music:


I did everything I would normally do, clear chunk  and rebuilt before loading etc.

I'm really stumped.

Second issue is the same using one of the "Free" slots in CCT - I've got Shane Strickland in slot 106. Whilst game was closed, I've injected a new Titantron to his slot. Shows up fine in main WWE2K19 Titantron folder as a preview.

Same steps as above with the cleared chunks and redone them, loaded the POFO/Moveset whilst game is open, amended to his video (as per slot 106), get nothing but a blank screen for him on the Titantron. Obviously I can't check his video in a preview in game in ENTRANCE creation, as it's not an "original" slot.

For other wrestlers I've done this for in the EXTRA slot, some of the videos work, some of them don't.

I've started getting a message about admin rights on CCT, tried running as administrator, still get the same message.


CCT and Game itself were working fine before, it's just random ones it's not working on.

Any hints / tips / suggestions very gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.


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Cave Waverider

Some things to check:

- Did you install the latest version of the Titantron Fix?

- Did you install the Tron for all tron types or just one? If it's the latter, install it for all types (RAW, Smackdown, Classic and old naming just to be sure).

-  In the .moveset file, try to check all the boxes in the Media Workarounds section. Also set all the Entrance Media for your advanced entrance and easy entrance.

- On a side note, why are you replacing existing wrestlers/trons? If there are free slots left, try to install the mods into their own slot. If you're replacing a wrestler, though, try to use the same ID for tron and wrestler (if you're replacing Eddie Guerrero, use Tron ID 118_0_0, for example).

- As for you file access error, ensure all the files and directories of CCT and Data Editor are properly extracted and installed and also that the game directory and save game directories (if applicable) are properly set in both tools and that you have enough free space on your SSDs/HDDs. Also see that you have full read/write access to your game and save game directories inside the Steam folder.

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