WWE 12/13 Xbox 360

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Hello everyone, since 2014 I’ve tried to download the dlc for WWE 13 but it was to late, when the dlc was out I didn’t know how to download it, the only ways to download it is by mods or the way I want it and I hope I can get help with, if anybody has the dlc doesn’t have to be every dlc, anything helps, then if I can please log in to your account go to settings and license transfer, that will do that your download history will come to my Xbox 360 and I will just download the dlc for WWE 13, I can FaceTime you or record while I’m doing it so you don’t think I’m going to do something stupid, plus I can give my account first so you can trust me, I have always wanted the dlc for WWE 13 and for 6 years I’ve been searching and no one is able to help, please if you have it and are able to help me you don’t know how much I would appreciate it, I just play Wwe games and it would mean so much, thanks for reading.

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