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Refat's Modding Thread: Sarray, Charlotte Extreme Rules '21, Nidia Released!! Daffney, Deuce 'n Domino, London & Kendrick, Jerry Lynn WIP, Cherry, Anthony Bowens, Taryn Terrell, Druid SVR11, Kris Statlander '21, Becky Lynch SS '21, Akira Hokuto


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Hello guys. This is my modding thread for WWE 2K19.




- NXT debut attire
- Custom sculpt & textures


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/6ef9ddf9b4bb7d628e355584ccc4853e

Charlotte Flair ER '21

- Extreme Rules 2021 attire
- Custom sculpt, texture & logos


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/abaa77408de2f54f600773e2066a916a


- Circa 2002-2003 attire
- Custom sculpt & textures


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/79c50ecb923571502507ab8a5654032f

Daffney Unger

***RIP Scream Queen***

- Impact! 5-21-09 attire
- Custom sculpt
- Thanks to bennysouth2019 & High-A-Licious for the tattooes


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/286717267e86d134e88d18045062e614

Paul London & Brian Kendrick

- SVR09 direct port with facial animations
- Custom attire


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/fe677ac0a12e84734557fed05047998f

Deuce 'n Domino

- Debut attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/653b8adb40a1cd1eab18c61691d5a567

Cherry - 3 Attire Pack

- The Original and ONLY Roller Skating Diva
- 3 attires
- Custom sculpt & logos


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/0b5d0ddd43718fe935fdd8648e94c621

Anthony Bowens

- AEW Rampage 11/5/21 attire
- Custom sculpt & logos


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/3920d3814915eb0cea2c4167735e307a

Taryn Terrell

- TNA Xplosion 03/25/15 attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/f01e5f3d24094be87573b0014a458593

Druid SVR11

- Druid direct port from Smackdown vs Raw 2011


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/07a9b376f4bcfb8318112f4629e081d8

Kris Statlander '21

- 2021 AEW return attire
- Custom sculpt and textures


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/37369d0d054ef1b687571b4ffcf50ad9

Akira Hokuto

- AJW St. Battle Final 1993 attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/128a6511fbea3bebfddda51901a3c21e

Dan Spivey

- Circa 1990 'The Skyscrapers' attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/8ab53c201201c45c8e37b77a5e00e0d4

Becky Lynch SS 2021

- Big thanks to @Brave for the base
- Custom sculpted head and body
- Survivor Series 2021 attire
- Creation suite compatible


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/96f3ffc23dc4c9d19513b11837775291

Carmelo Hayes

- NXT 2.0 2021 attire
- Custom sculpt & logos
- Thanks to Iconic2k for the face texture, Joemashups for the goatee, NXT 2.0 Ruthless Aggression for tattoos
& iTwistedSpartan for references


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/ee13e17d18c230258402043c7335f00c

Nick Comoroto

- AEW 2021 attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/264ef0983960f88b589c61f9b0e3fc05

Well Dunn

- Timothy Well & Steve Dunn
- Custom sculpt & logos


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/87ba19a0140c6202c8ee9aeb586c51ba

Shane Taylor

- The Baddest of All Time
- Custom sculpt & attire


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/f6f1d881c8ff55bdf21a155cb990ebc5

Cheerleader Melissa

- Aka Alissa Flash
- Custom sculpt & attire

Update: Updated the face a bit. Please redownload.


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/85d28a02976946e77219c5caf1a9b035

Torrie Wilson

- Smackdown 09.12.2002 attire
- Custom sculpt and attire


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/f93f2a77bfa78d20e6123f8d90672c0d

Jonathan Gresham

- ROH Final Battle 2020 attire
- Custom sculpt & logos
- Will do the octopus mask later


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/562deaa00ff85c33924b4d4e9e08bcdd


- Aka Fallen Angel aka Nancy Benoit
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/ea5a015c63f0c810fcbc05580bc3bc25

Paul Orndorff

- Paul Orndorff Circa 1985 attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/f76c55125ca395a02394a79637b2af20

QT Marshall

- AEW 2021 Attire
- Custom sculpt and logos

*Update: Updated the shoulder area. Please redownload.


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/eb86076409b2166be64ed43db0909ac3

Stacy Keibler

- Duchess of Dudleyville attire
- Custom Sculpt
- Thanks to @AlexFaz for the camo textures


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/3b7fa8ff765d051ca667263b0ff3fe8e

Dante Martin

- AEW 2021 attire
- Custom sculpt and logos
- Yes I'll do his brother soon


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/db7563fe2a5de1a14f8948c46849850c

Hit Row

- Big thanks to @JoeMashups for the Isaiah Scott base
- NXT 2021 attires
- Custom sculpt & logos


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/f68698198a69d00847148ff4bbe73fde

Kimberly Page

- Nitro June 23, 1997 attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/db17c6c34f776c84b160b92e34f3ac65

The Bunny Allie

- The Bunny AEW 2021 attire
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/5eb66e8d7f3e88f91caff421aa3c5417

Harley Race Manager

- Harley Race circa 1994
- Custom sculpt


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/90d8fd3defa6a771a66da1f60fba6baa

The Orient Express

- Akio Sato, Pat Tanaka & Kato
- Custom sculpt & attire


DL Link: https://prowrestlingmods.io/file/c25c74e14dcf0bda8545b217562fbc17

Charlotte Flair Summerslam '21

- Charlotte Flair Summerslam 2021 attire
- Custom head, body, attire & logos


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/90564ac65103863a96384e6920a07637

Stephanie McMahon 2000

- Smackdown 3-28-00 attire
- Resculpted & retextured face
- Thanks to iTwistedSpartan for the logos


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/7a3cea0cc3f563f725d81e25e6d2369e

Shelton Benjamin SVR07

- Custom  head
- Thanks to Breezus for the attire & tattoo


DL Link: https://www.2kmodz.com/file/40656e725252b6de942d59a4e806d3b6

Big Swole '21

- Big Swole AEW July 2021 Attire
- Custom Sculpt, Hair & Textures


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/0ab4bcc0ba7c1de72afda92a51bd8d78

The Roadie

- AKA 'Road Dogg' Jesse James
- 2K17 Port
- 'The Roadie' 2 attires circa '94-'95

Thanks to 'Just Not' for the back logo of the first in-ring attire.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/4acf930d7ff1e1331d3fdb6f7e887f53

Eva Marie '21

- Eva Marie June 2021 comeback attire
- 2K17 port with custom sculpt and textures to match her current look


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/e7d95e41b8a47133d7b4e7ae519dc98f

Max Caster

- Max Caster AEW attire
- Custom face sculpt
- Thanks to FKR for the Base and Defract for the attire logos


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/d2998db5b60322d6727e9d7fcb7efeba

Prince Albert

- Albert 2K18 port
- T&A attire


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/d3f625e94fc75c808e7d20bffcd48fba

Anthony Ogogo

- Anthony Ogogo AEW 2021 Attire
- Custom Sculpt  and logos
- Thanks to @SavageCaws for the face texture


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/2c6683889e6dedfe05c8ce4fd9ee01d2

Sunny 2 Pack

Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny

- Custom sculpt
- Two attires, one from her bodydonnas days another from attitude era
- Thanks to bennysouth2019 for help and BamBamUniverrse for screenshots

*Renders available in my render pack


DL Link: hhttp://2kmodz.com/file/afb10afe70ffdd64afc94455939adf44

Red Velvet

Red Velvet AEW 2021 Attire
- Custom Sculpt & Textures


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/46010052e9d40e74c5ed38ebbddf297a

Aja Smith (NXT Referee)

- Custom sculpt
- Replaces Standard Referee 3


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/ddd9e03abb7cabf0ac0d214d2d4dfe21

Chyna Royal Rumble '99

- Chyna ported with facial animations from 2K20
- Face slightly modified to match her 1999 look
- Custom attire from Royal Rumble '99 with ported tops from 2K Battlegrounds and boots from Daz Studio.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/2c024f9dd09426c0cc58ce8ad1a76b7c

Jade Cargill

- Jade Cargill AEW 2021 Attire
- Custom Sculpt, Textures & Attire by Me
- Thanks to @Iconic2k for the Face Texture


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/e1fdd13b7369d3d0e8bf0c6510f37bf6

Mean Street Posse

- Greenwich's Finest
- Custom Sculpt & Attire by Me


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/d9b8515a142153e65657be88cc86ed3b

Abby Anderson TLOU2

- Abby Anderson Direct Port From The Last Of Us 2 Game
- Custom Top
- Has Facial Animations


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/43e9a2644023b61c5309df2730250e63

Liv Morgan Royal Rumble '21

- Royal Rumble 2021 Attire
- Updated Hair & Makeup
- Thanks to Grix for the Chain Object


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/cccdf41ad5c3b8ab091d9f577577f43d

Chavo Guerrero WCW '98

- Chavo Guerrero WCW Circa 1998 Attire
- Custom Logos & Attire by Me
- Used My SVR11 Port As Base


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/16e74bfea36c9ea3370a8a8f2c503357

Anna Jay

- Anna Jay AEW 2021 Attire
- Custom Sculpt, Textures, Logos & Attires by Me
- Pofo, Moveset, Theme Included, Thanks to @EZY
- Thanks to @Vel for Attire's Base Texture

* Renders included in my render pack


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/b2627a2a8383ce7fc332c17dae734ea8

Naomi Smackdown 2-21-2020

- Smackdown, February 21, 2020 Attire
- Updated Hair & Makeup

*Hair doesn't have animations*


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/985f2c8095b5a42aa98bcee614735144

Masked Man SVR09

- Masked Man Direct Port from Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Game.
- Has Facial Animations.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/f4c787ef73712d01619cb2b6774b0047

Johnny Nitro SVR08

- Johnny Nitro Direct Port from Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Game.
- Has Facial Animations.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/1c1c86f3169d415f6b6a800dfd4d054f

Lana Raw 10-26-20

- Raw, October 26 2020 Attire
- Updated Makeup


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/b06af6de794edc4971798e5468f9e87a

Finlay SVR09

- Finlay Direct Port from Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Game.
- Has Facial Animations.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/9cb9b706b2736213811948f793ad83fc

Chavo Guerrero SVR11

- Chavo Guerrero Direct Port from Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Game.
- Has Facial Animations.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/9cd7561f31571555541f77c42b96b997

Konami '21

Update: Fixed the mask clipping issue during certain entrance motions

- Konami Oedo Tai Attire
- Custom Sculpt, Textures & Attire by Me


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/b3f5867532c687532426acaa8f13be52

Evan Bourne WWE '12

- Evan Bourne Direct Port from WWE '12 Game.
- Has Facial Animations.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/9e753a9833ae09a2863e1203685093f2

The Hurricane SVR11

- The Hurricane Direct Port from Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Game.
- Has Facial Animations.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/56b55594433c101c45156e25118cf485

Lita 2000

- Lita Circa 2000 Attire
- Custom Face Sculpt, Texture & Attire by Me
- Thanks to Mattfick for help


DL Link: http://www.2kmodz.com/file/d80b2d951d6cfbd7675770557c6016b2

Finlay SVR11

-Finlay Direct Port from Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Game.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/c7d4ee78d45f35301f17dd6041037399

Will Hobbs '21

- Will Hobbs 2021 Attire
- Custom Sculpt & Attire by Me
- Credit to Iconic2k for the Face Texture & DFM_85 for the Tattoos.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/2d7563ef1f7e7de5246a437d6b2de432

Green & Red SVR11

- Green & Red moveset men direct port from Smackdown vs Raw 2011 game.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/985edb0376b2e6f89c2055bb934c192a


- Debra WWF Circa 98-99 Attire
- Custom Sculpt & Attire by Me


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/8e831cbf41b0b9a3a44fa521fc95238d

Lana 2020

- Raw, November 9 2020 Attire
- Updated Hair & Makeup

* Slight clipping occurs in the thigh area during extreme movements


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/9598aac9c8f897b25f1bfc8319dae553

Bret Hart Survivor Series '97

- Infamous Survivor Series '97 Attire

- Tweaked Skin Tone

- Compatible in CAS


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/121cdf0dbcf07f1f6f3d222a2d4248d6

Mayu Iwatani

“The Icon Of Stardom”

- Custom sculpt, attire and design by me.

Thanks to Veliction for giving me ideas about the top.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/11554a002cf5ad9235131adc525af5ec

Tegan Nox

Special thanks to James0 for the daz headsculpt. Also thanks to FKR, tekken57, Veliction, Grix and Dimma for the helps.


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/VgxwhayS#TOs9QwtcDdvhwLe7TYOpe3DHhQTBuZhNseqcKtHpZTE

Her render available now in my render pack.

Pofo & Moveset: https://mega.nz/file/59oRTQ6D#Z6g_OmDHG3rtYmOENPYRmyZ6WD7NxhCcWsVQBc7qG8s

Known Issues:

1. Visible seams around ears

2. Hair jitters a bit during matches.

3. Attire is not 100% accurate and has some unexpected shadows in belly area.

4. Minor clippings.

Vincent Marseglia aka 'The Horror King'


- My second character mod. Vincent Marseglia aka 'The Horror King'.
- Full custom sculpt.
- ROH Final Battle 2019 Attire

Thanks to James0 for testing the mod


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/Aoo3mIJD#RUEYm8pYTMLbokGo6OREIrM5-cOYo_mcNrnG8nBK3O4

Senshi (TNA Impact) Port

- Senshi from TNA Impact! game. It's a direct port.


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/p1A1hCKC#CtPuyjjo2L6h3vj7Gg330Lh7ydebMf_mKmDh5bJXWGY


Chyna 2K20

- Chyna full port from WWE 2K20


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/ghYlkSqb#IgSVHxd5a2_OSTrGjK0qHNzw9wzUa2sSijA9XaL41ls

Homicide (TNA Impact!) Port

- Homicide from TNA Impact! game. It's a direct port.


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/oxY0nZzR#JuPb7MrUgeP86bl_HOomoYfOg4p0E4PuNEOZzPtLNMk

Low Ki - Hitman

- Senshi/Low ki TNA Impact! port with Hitman attire.

Thanks to FKR for the attire parts.

There are some issues because of mixing of ported body with 2k19 attire parts. I fixed most of the issues and it works fine in matches and during entrance. But still the glove glitchs in highlight reel. Forearms get
invisible during transition between entrances and warmup. I believe those can be overlooked.


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/c1owhKTY#_MvZ1ppNkRXJYDgcENLa_Il1w_HNurg6tDYpZljnhZ8

Chris Sabin (TNA Impact!)

- Chris Sabin direct port from TNA Impact! game.


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/k0gT0C7C#ZSREd8zwnSYUX-XUVc6PO7jSrz29O9nUoE9FqHPoeiw

Greg Hamilton 2K20 Port

This mod is a collab with Veliction. He ported the textures and I did the rest. Thanks to RevONiKO for the original 2K20 files.

Main goal for this mod is to complement the amazing Greg Hamilton announcer voice mod made by STi. You can find it here:


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/0p4Uha5S#xXZwYnfbJBUs_IWgBitN9hdlyYPM4Q5OEtxaB5XKed4

Christopher Daniels TNA Impact

- Christopher Daniels direct port from TNA Impact! game.


DL Link: https://mega.nz/file/RpRHECIQ#EGLwLa6k9nWnpL78PuQUWHj1asP0kHzmoccHpMO2beY


Pete Williams TNA Impact

-Pete Williams direct port from TNA Impact! game.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/f3159818a789c108f9c84bc7f377cbdf

James Storm TNA Impact

-James Storm direct port from TNA Impact! game.


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/2a002f0cab492bfc4597dd19d3426436

Kenzo Suzuki Lucha Libre AAA

- Kenzo Suzuki direct port from 'Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring' game.
- Hair is from 2K19


DL Link: http://2kmodz.com/file/7251a7e6e7e301a3c7e536bc61a0247a

DM me on Smacktalks or discord at refat#2103 for any game model port, custom character, attire and render commissions.

If you use my mod in any video showcase credit me.

DM me on Smacktalks or discord at refat#2103 for queries.

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  • Refat changed the title to Refat's Modding Thread: Homicide TNA Impact! Port Released, Chyna 2K20 Full Port Released, Senshi/Low Ki TNA Impact! Port Released!!
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