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Data Editor and CC Tools 2k20?


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CCT is very unlikely. .pofo and .moveset are in different locations in memory on every game start, which makes automatic injection the way it worked with CCT in previous titles virtually impossible. Most of the other functionality of the program won't be possible right now due to the limitations there are for modding the game either (really just the titantron injection and not even other graphics to overwrite trons that already exists, but that can be done manually with ease anyway and wouldn't warrant a writing a program). I also don't think @TheVisitorX is really interested in these games anymore either.

As for Data Editor, although the chances are incredibly slim, never say never. If the community completes the WWE 2k20 Data Breakdown and Analysis (which due to the dynamic memory allocaiton is even more of a PIA to figure out than in previous games and since I've broken down most of the .pofo last year nobody seems to have even tried), I find time and somebody really makes it worth my while (since I don't play WWE 2k20 and thus have no personal use for Data Editor for this game, I'd have to at least get proper compensation for the work I'd have to put into it plus expenses - which I sincerely doubt would ever happen :D ), there might be a possibility that I might work on it. But I doubt these things will happen.
Also keep in mind that without something like CCT to go with it, I'm not sure if people would be very interested  since they'd have to inject stuff with cheat Engine. The perhaps most popular part of the tool, the Universal Alternate Attire Unlocker, won't be possible right now either again due to modding limitations. That said, Data Editor, while possibly the most complex free tool out there, isn't a very popular or much appreciated software anyway, nor is it worth much to people compared to other tools out there (judging from the total amount of small donations Data Editor for WWE 2k19 has received since release that can be counted on much less than a hand compared to what other tools have raked in ;) ).

Considering all the above as well as the lack of overall modding potential of WWE 2k20 and it's still prevalent bug infestation, it probably isn't realistic to expect these tools to be released for this game.

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That sucks, I personally found the previous data editors really good and easy to use especially for my main interest for intergender matchups.  I hate that WWE does not put them in and I assume there's other solutions or ways to make intergender matchups work, but with the Data Editor and CCT it was so simple.

Thanks again for your past efforts.

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