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Editing save on PC and unlocking everything


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Hello guys i wonder if there is any way to use my savegame from other steam account on different steam account? Or there is any option to transfer things from one save to another without harming it?


Second thing i want to ask you guys is there any option/cheat engine or something to unlock all dlc moves and stuff? I lost my old account so i lost hope to play this game again unless I can at least unlock all DLC's stuff moves/weapons without passing everything from beginning? I have all DLC's and I use legal version of the game.

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No you can't transfer the saves. They are tied to the Steam account and their hash is tied to the account ID/name, too. You'll likely have to unlock everything again.

How can you lose your account anyway? You should be able to use the lost password feature or contact Steam support to assist you with account recovery.

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