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Hello dear Community, I don't know if can post this here.

Let's talk about our wishes for WWE 2K21, The next in the franchise.

I would like to have CM Punk in the game and a 2K Showcase Mode focusing on his Career.
Meanwhile some retro versions of superstars like Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena and the 2002-2003 Kane.
Also more Womens Wrestlers such as NXT Stars and Legends.
What could be exciting would be multiple 2K Showcase modes like we had all the way back to WWE 2K15.
These are the 2K Showcase Stories i would like to have:
- CM Punk (Mainly his Career Highlights)
- Randy Orton (Either ALL his highlights of his career or The Legend Killer becomes The Viper)
- John Cena (Highlights of his Career including his 16 World Title wins)
- Batista (More likely since his induction to the 2020 Hall of Fame)

Now, I don't know if CM Punk could accept a deal with 2K Games and VC but it would be awesome.

I think that the possibility of a 2K Showcase Mode dedicated to Batista's Career is more likely to be included because of his induction to the 2020 Hall of Fame Class. And having some retro Arenas/Superstars from the Ruthless Agression Era all the way to the PG Era could be cool to make/remake moments that happened during those Eras.

There are a lot of other things i would like to have in 2K21 that we don't have in 2K20.

When i look back at past names of the WWE Games, I wish alot of content should be in 2K20 that we had in the past, like Road to WrestleMania from SvR 2011 with multiple storys and Create-A-Scenario which was such a great feature even in WWE 2K14.

Well, with that being said, What do you guys want in WWE 2K21?


Greetings from France,


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I would love to see better gameplay mechanics also better environmental response animations to certain attacks . also glitch less ropes animations where if a superstar suppose to be out of the ring due to certain normal moves it should happen rather than staying inside the ring due to invisible wall . need running styles and motions to each category superstars . some good pace moments during fights . better tag team moves not only corner based but in ring based . also better multi man matches animations like if I drop my 1 opponent in another on it should contact and injure him . free style move combinations . different selling to each weight category superstars . steel steps proper use also with big ones

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1. variety of reactions when wrestlers receive their wrestle move.
2. Diva Blood Match
3. Moveset UI Improvements
4. Costume Production System
5. Improved opening and winning scene
6. Variety of kickouts motion when on the pole.
7. As physical damage worsens, it adds dirt as well as changes in motion and sweat.
8. Add dirt of ring mat (such as UFC3)
9. Thinking of the release as the next generation (PS5), not graphic improvement but graphic innovation.

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Honestly, if they just took 2K19, put Story Editor back in, and slapped a 2K21 label on it, I'd probably buy it.  I don't think anyone has ever said exactly why this mode was cut.

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I would like to see in WWE 2K21

1. New OMG moments like triple powerbomb through annoucer table i know that dean is missing but still would be cool.

2. Brand new and first ever match types ( Ambulance , punjabi prison, Stretcher, I quit , etc.)

3. More than one 2K Showcase

4. More Realistic injury system like i would say what did you injure 

5. Injured opponents could not do some moves or give up during the match due to pain.

6. Ability to injure opponents like Brock with kimura after the match

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1: Actual wrestlers and arenas as DLC. I don't mind the fantasy DLC - but as long as it's not at the expense of having up to date rosters and actual real characters.

2: Update packs for in game assets to reflect new appearances, 2K20 was out of date for several characters within about a week of release, such as Bayley's new look. Could these not be added in as DLC?

3: More critical than the other two, make sure the game works. In fact I hope 2k21 is more or less an updated 2k20 - and the real effort is focused on a new game for the next generation machines.

4: Ability to turn the special effects off for Payback moves. I hate the red ribbons around the wrestlers when they're in "beast mode" but I like the idea of them having a buff to go nuts.

5: Ability to save universe to USB and to re-upload all the information to the new game, saving us having to recreate caws etc.

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