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New SYM CAW Save with Music hacks


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  1. Andre The Giant ('80's)
  2. Batista ('03)
  3. Boss Man ('99)
  4. Bret Hart ('97)
  5. Cactus Jack (WCW)
  6. Chavo Guerrero ('02)
  7. Chyna ('99)
  8. Crash Holly ('02)
  9. D’Lo Brown ('02)
  10. Essa Rios ('02)
  11. Gangrel ('98)
  12. Goldberg (WCW)
  13. Grandmaster Sexay ('02)
  14. John Cena ('03)
  15. Jushin "Thunder" Liger
  16. Justin Credible (ECW)
  17. Kane ('03)
  18. Ken Shamrock ('98)
  19. Masahiro Chono (2000)
  20. Mr. Perfect
  21. Neo (Matrix)
  22. Perry Saturn ('02)
  23. Rey Mysterio (Debut Attire)
  24. Road Dogg ('98)
  25. Scott Hall (WCW)
  26. Spiderman (Marvel)
  27. Steve Blackman
  28. Steven Richards ('03)
  29. Sting ('97)
  30. TAKA Michinoku
  31. The Great Muta ('02)
  32. Tommy Dreamer ('02)


Music hacks for; Edge, Maven, Road Dogg, Justin Credible, Sting, Mr. Perfect, Andre The Giant, Edge & Christian (Tag Team) & X-Factor (Trio)

Masahiro Chono Face, Belt and Wrist bands by walks with the Wind

Gangrel Face & Body morphing by Zurick

Muta & Chono Taunts/Winning motions by Walks with the wind

Tommy Dreamer, Mr. Perfect, John Cena, Batista, Chyna & Bret Hart Movesets by HarlotEffect


Preview video:

Save Files Here

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So after I download the files. How do I put them onto my ps2? Does it work with the discount or do I have to have it on a USB drive. Also do I have to have a gameshark?

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