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TUTORIAL : Assigning separate titantrons to alternate attire entrance motions

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This tutorial covers assigning separate trons to alternate attires. The developers implemented this in 2k19 for Goldberg and Randy Orton 13. In previous games, it was implemented for Shawn Michaels (2k17) Brian Pillman (2k17) Finn Balor (2k17). This is not an easy tutorial unless you are used to meddling with hex bytes.Let get down to it.

The assetconv.pac located in the pac/audio folder file handles this feature. However we will be working with the modded assetconv.pac file by @HanleysFramer and @Elg which enables titantrons to work in entrances for modded character slots. Credit also goes to @pozzum and @kaa992 who coded the assetconv.pac file support in wrestleminus. 

First I will explain some of the data blocks in the assetconv_p30 file.When this file is decompressed or extracted, you will find a file 9E50420460C2C5BC.vmum located in the folder created by the decompression. Open this file in a hex editor. I will use Randy Orton 13's entry to illustrate

Randy Orton 13's ch ID IS 443. Converting 443 to hex will give you 1BB. Reversing the bytes in big endian format gives you BB 01

search for BB 01 . You will find this byte in offset DA98.

Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F

0000DA90                                            BB 01 00 00 00 00 00 00         
0000DAA0  E0 F6 A3 02 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 43 1D 01 00 
0000DAB0  E8 74 02 00 0D AD 00 00 D0 6C 04 00 00 00 00 00 
0000DAC0  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00  ..
0000DAD0  23 02 00 00 CA 02 00 00  

Each entry is 64 bytes long, beginning with the ID and ending right before the next ID

I have highlighted some sets of bytes in colour. Now I don't know all the answers but I will list out what I know  

the first 4 bytes BB 01 00 00    represent the character ID.

The next set of  bytes in green represent the attire number

E0 F6 A3 02 (02 A3 F6 E0) represents the Audio ID (44300000)

The bytes in blue represent the audio ID offset reference . This is used to assign a separate theme for an alternate attire entrance.

The bytes in red (43 1D 01 00). represent the titantron ID offset reference. This is used to assign a separate titantron to an alternate attire entrance.

The bytes E8 74 02 00 represents the Titantron number.

The next set 0D AD 00 00 (AD 0D) 44301 represents the titantron ID

The set in purple ,D0 6C 04 00 (046CD0) 290000 represents the minitron ID.

Now lets look at the next set of 64 bytes (screenshot below)


The next set of Bytes BB 01 00 00 01 is the entry for the second attire, BB 01 00 00 02 is the entry for the 3rd attire.

Next , we will examine another set of bytes in the data. those highlighted in yellow below.


These are the bytes which the game reads to assign alternate titantrons. Its sort of an override. This reference overrides any value set in Data editor  or in the titantron ID.

Note these bytes : 43 1D 01, 50 1D 01 and 5D 1D 01.These are offset references.

01 1D 43 , 01 1D 50 and 01 1D 5D are offsets which contain titantron ID's Lets look at this offset. Scroll down to offset 01 1D 43 ,you will find the following blocks of data.


You will observe the offsets 011D43 -014D0F contain the titantron ID  ent_0443_0_1

offsets 011D50 -011D5C contain the titantron ID ent_0443_0_0

offsets 011D5D -011D69 contain the titantron ID ent_0443_0_1

In this example , attire 1 which has offset reference 011D50 will have titantron ent_0443_0_0 loaded. If this value is changed to ent_0461_0_0, CM Punks titantron will be loaded for the second attire, regardless of the titantron id in the assetconv entry. Attire 3 uses the default titantron, but for some reason, you can't assign a titantron offset reference twice. They had to duplicate the entry. You can add custom entries to this set of bytes. I will explain further on.

I will illustrate an example , trying to add an alternate titantron to attire 2 for a CM punk mod entrance.

1. We know CM punk's mod CH id is 468. You can use any modded slot for CM Punk. But we'll use 468.

2. 468 in hex is D4 01. Search for D4 01. You will be looking in offset columns 08 - 09 for the ID's.

You will find D401 in offset 5118-5119.


These blocks are the entires added for modded slots. The next entry D5 01 is 469 which is not assigned to any mod. 

we want to use D5 01 for the alternate attire. 1 We will alter the bytes as shown. We then copy and paste write the other data bytes over those for D5 01 as shown.


3. Next , we need to place these bytes elsewhere. The game dowsnt seem to read the alternate attire bytes in these modded assetconv slots, so the trick is to swap with the slot for a default titantron. We need to take not of the last modded titantron slot 999 which is 03E7. The next entry after this is 6C (offset BAD8) this entry and those below it are for default ingame ID's. The game will read the alternate attire bytes when the block is placed here. But we just can't place it anywhere or it won't work. You will need to look for the highest ID before 468 or after 468 and place it there. The ID's are in increasing order.. The default ch pac with a titantron closest in value to 468 is 459 (CB 01)(Chris Jericho 10) The next ID after Jericho is Sting 513 (0201)


You will notice the two blocks of bytes are for CB 01 and 0201. What we need to do is copy and paste write (do not insert) the CM Punk data over these bytes. You will need to copy and paste these bytes elsewhere so you don't lose the data. The data structure will then  look like this.


You will notice D4 01 is after CA 01 and before 02 02. 

You then paste write  the CB01 /02 01 bytes over the CM punk D4 01 /D4 01 in the previous location. We are placing the bytes for the default titantrons in the block for modded character slots. They work fine and don't need to be in numerical order.

4. Next we need to add the titantron offset references. We scroll to the last offset row and add two entries below


change both to 468. The 468_0_1 will be used for the alternate attire. You will need to rename the alternate  trons as ent_0468_0_1_0 for Raw, ent_0468_0_1_1 for Smackdown and PPV's, ent_0468_0_1_2 for the classic arenas using the 4:3 format titantron.


Take note of the offset references. The first is 12600, (this will be 00 26 01 )the second is 1260D ( 0D 26 01). You will place these values in the titantron reference offset slots for the entries as shown


Save, reinject, restart your game and test in-game.

I will be putting up a tutorial for alternate music with an alternate attire entrance in a few days.





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