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Maxx Payne UPLOADED! +Tex Slazenger/Shanghai Pierce, Great Muta, Paul Roma, Paul Orndorff, Johnny B. Badd, Midnight Express & Cornette, Terry Gordy, Steve Williams, The Horsemen, Cactus Jack, Nikita Koloff, Terry Funk, Harley Race, , Brian Pillman, & more


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On 7/6/2019 at 10:34 AM, Motown Hero said:

These all look great Replicant. That Steamboat attire looks good. Can't wait to see Stan Hansen. The last good one I remember was back on the 360 when American Dream made one, but I'm sure you and Keith will knock it out of the park. Thank goodness for the new lariat they added to the game. 

Thanks man!  Yeah the Steamboat attire isn't done yet, that's just the 2K16 in-game tights (although I'll probably use those for one attire since he did wear them a lot).  But I do plan on doing one of his cooler airbrushed pants/jacket combos, once the CAWs are all done.

And yeah Hansen should be fairly soon, I'm saving him for a "catch up" week since his attires/logos are so easy I can just focus on his face while I make logos for other CAWs.  But he isn't too far away, he'll probably be somewhere between the Freebirds and SST.

18 hours ago, barr0571 said:

 i can't find them can you reupload them please?

Crap I took them down since no one had downloaded them in a couple of days.  I can try to put them up tonight or tomorrow for you though.  I'll send you a PM on here once they're up.

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