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Hello Gamers NJPW 2K here fairly new to smacktalks, we are a team based in Chicago hoping to create a big collaboration project in the works.

If there's any one on here from Chicago we would love to hear you from you, currently been trying to get connected with people, and even trying to get Okada to sponsor us during his meet & greet early September.

Originally, I wanted to create a team of creators, to collaborate together to make a super detailed, authentic, and complete NJPW CAWs / Arenas for people to download on 2K19.

But we want to go beyond that boundary and offer tips and collaborations from all angles, so not only the CAW, but these include:

NJPW Titantron guides / Gameplay Slider guides / Advanced Move-set guides


What do you benefit by supporting us?

Longevity: Our work hopes to give back to us wrestling fans, as well as the gamers, having a detailed list of NJPW caws released midway through WWE2K19 initial release will give you a brand new refreshing game. 

Promotion: We could actually show official 2K Devs the amount of work we can create when operating as a dev team ourselves, also we hope to provide free advertising for NJPW.

Please Leave me replies on what you gamers think, and if you support us dont forget to follow us!

[We're also looking for some new members]

Also Subscribe to our channel:


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