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This May Help With Models.....inside


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Did a little research and found some programs that may help with viewing the .pac files.

There is a .pac image file type, which is my guess on what these are, since it holds the models....You can convert/view these with GraphicConverter X/Classic ...which you can read about at http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/graphcon.htm. It views .pac files and can convert them to jpeg and other image formats. Only problem is it doesn't convert back to .pac, so we'll have to find something that does. Also, It seems to be a program only for the Mac computers.

Also, the program Konvertor that is used for the music replacing trick also supports PAC files, so that may be an option to look into.

There is also a program developed at CyberWarrior X's site called pacparse which according to the site extracts and decompresses graphics from Farland Symphony's pac files. That may work as well, although there is a disclaimer on the site that says "Note: Most of these were never designed to be "user-friendly". Use at your own risk!"

I also found something having to do with 3-d games and .pac files here:

http://www.creative-computing-inc.com/newpage1.htm. May be useful

This is just a suggestion that may help in the viewing of the files.

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