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Narukami mod - Hiroshi Tanahashi Released!!!


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There are some guys that may help with the mask, but looks awesome anyways. Any progress on the Hiroshi Tanahashi yet? You are doing real well I love what you are doing so far. Love NJPW so I am so looking forward to your mods.

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2 hours ago, NarukamiYu said:





Already make 3 Hairstyles for Tanahashi, NEWS!!! SANADA WILL BE UPLOAD IN A FEW HOURS

Hiroshi looks too sweet!!! As for Sanada I am looking forward to using him in my Universe. Many thanks in advance for this @NarukamiYu

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry for the delay, my upload always got looped from 70% into 30%, already try it for 3 weeks but still, so i become lazy and forgot about it, ah about sanada


If someone have reff for his tights, belts, kneepad and shoes logo, maybe i can make it accurate, but if it not, maybe gonna stay like this, and thanks for all your support

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3 hours ago, knox731 said:

Looks great, man, I'd release it and call it good...  can always update later if you have a breakthru?

For now i like the custom logo, maybe not accurate but anyone can make it if they want, i'm gonna release sanada with 4 attire

1. Cold skull(debut)

2. Species Nova(Black)

3. Species Nova(White)

4. No Gracias

I skip the current attire and mask

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  • NarukamiYu changed the title to Narukami mod - Kairi Sane very early W.I.P Preview!!! SANADA RELEASED!!! Finn Balor Royal Rumble 18 Attire Released!!! YOH (Ropponggi 3k) updated preview, small preview for Tanahashi, Roderick Strong UE Custom Attire Release!!!

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