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Mod Release Guidelines

Cave Waverider

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In an effort to unify the mod release approach in a similar fashion as mods for other games are typically handled, it's recommended that you follow these guidelines when releasing mods that add to the game and don't replace original .pac files for WWE 2k18.

  1. If you are creating a mod, use the old WWE 2k16 EPK8 format files (yes, they still works in WWE 2k18) instead of HSPC, in order to make it easier for people to change IDs, Attire numbers, use as alternate attires etc. as well as allow easy installation with various tools.
    You can do so easily by using your modding tool of choice extracting the SHDC format .PACH from the HSPC file and injecting it in place of a regular .PACH file in an EPK8 .pac file. Or, even simpler, you can use Custom Character Tools 2018's Install->CH-Pac file(s) menu entry with correctly named chXXXYZ.pac files to do it for you.
  2. Use the Community Recommended Wrestler IDs associated with your modded wrestler as found in Pozzum's Memory Table, Data Editor, CCT, etc.. If there is no recommended/reserved ID for the wrestler mod you are creating, use an unused ID and ask Pozzum or Cave Waverider to add it to the Memory Table.
  3. Save your mods (except titantron and sound, since these can't be referenced via Chunk0.def file) in the \mods\<Mod Name>\ folder in the archive. This will keep the mods neatly separated from the original files and make it easy to backup mods and to troubleshoot things. Since the game uses an Chunk0.def file to tell it which .pac files to load, this will now work well.
    On a hypothetical AJ Styles Wrestlemania 33 mod for attire 2. The file name is ch61012.pac. Now, instead of using just the \pac\ch\ch61012.pac folder to save it in, save it in \mods\AJ Styles Wrestlemania 33\pac\ch\ch61012.pac. Add that whole folder structure to your mod archive on release so people just have to copy it there and add a line with mods\AJ Styles Wrestlemania 33\pac\ch\ch61012.pac to their Chunk0.def file.
  4. If possible, include a .pofo, .moveset, an .attire_names file (if the mod includes multiple attires for your wrestler) and, if part of a tag team or stable, a .team_info file with your mod. You can easily create them without much hassle by using Data Editor for WWE 2k18. If you don't include these files, ensure that you link to a location like the Pofo/Moveset/Attire Names/Team Info/Match Database where people can potentially find them in the future.
  5. Include a Readme.txt file with your mod.
    This file should include the creator information, explain how to install and uninstall it (including what to replace/add to the Chunk0.def file), any credits and thanks if you used anybody else's work (ensure you have permission from the original creator!) or somebody helped you with it, which game, system and version of the game it is for, a link to the location where you can download the mod on Smacktalks and/or any updates, etc.. Save the Readme.txt file in the \mods\<Mod Name>\ directory so people can easily find it when looking at the mod in their WWE 2k18\mods\ folder.
    Keep in mind that having a readme file can also help to see if your mod archives are distributed elsewhere without permission, which is a plus.
  6. Save your mod including the whole folder structure, files and readme in an archive before release instead of just uploading a .pac file or similar. You can use the .zip format for smaller mods, although it's recommended to use tools with better compression algorithms like 7zip for .7z files with Ultra compression and the LZMA2 algorithm to minimize download size, especially when you release attire packs and such which can save much of the upload/download bandwith of yourself and users.
  7. It is preferred that you do not password protect your mods. If you absolutely have to, however, please provide the password to the download link in the thread to preserve them for posterity. Providing passwords on case-by-case basis (via PM or otherwise) isn't allowed, as it could be used as a loophole for people to sell their mods.
  8. Don't forget to follow the Site Rules when releasing mods (and otherwise).
  9. More to follow.
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