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20 minutes ago, wallybescotty said:

I will be downloading it as soon as I get home, can't wait to try it, the Adam Cole is pretty sweet, pardon the pun :)

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. 
Btw don't worry, that pun was too sweet!

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First update on Morrison:

-Early preview of face and body morph;

-I think I need to change some things about his face but I would like to hear some feedback first so any suggestions are welcome!


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1 hour ago, Rhuanico99 said:

I received a message saying that my CM Punk is having the logo glitch again. Can anyone share with me if it is happening with everyone who has downloaded him? Thanks.

Just downloaded him. All his logos are still there for both attires.

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I'm sorry I haven't posted an update for a week. I've been really busy.

Here's an update on Morrison:

-Tweaked his face morph and added an hairline texture;

-Finished the pants and belt on this attire. Any feedback is welcome!


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Update on Morrison:

-I can't use the long fur coat that he uses on his entrance due to those boots so I came up with two alternatives. Which one do you guys think looks best? Keep in mind that I haven't placed any logos or textures in any of these two and that they don't need to be this exact ones. Just want some opinions on which one I should use: t-shirt or shorter coat?


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6 hours ago, Guest mod cm punk said:

wave where is the link to download the cm punk mod for 2k18 ??? I do not see how to download it helps please 

To download CM Punk, you need to go to the game's main menu and go to community creations. Then, search #RHUANICO99 and you'll find him. This is not a mod, it's a caw!

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