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This is the forum to use if you have questions or if you are looking for help and/or support with Modification the PC version of WWE 2k18 and modding thereof.

Before asking for help and/or support, please use the forum's search function on the top right of the page in order so see if the question on your mind has already been answered.
You may also want to consult our Tutorials, Wiki and Helpful Resources post and especially the Smacktalks Community Wiki. It features an ever-growing wealth of game and modding information where you may find answers to many a problem.
Ensure that you have the official, uncracked Steam version of the game installed and that the game is updated to the latest version. Modding tools are updated for the latest official version of the game and usually won't work with older versions.

If you happen to be using a cracked version of the game, do not ask for help on these forums, as all it does is waste time of people trying to help.
Modding doesn't work with cracked versions the way it does with regular versions or doesn't work at all.
We do not support piracy here, thus please do not waste anyone's time by posting here if you do not own the official, fully updated Steam version of the game.
Buying and clean installing the official Steam version of the game (including a save game wipe if it was corrupted by a cracked version) will solve most of the problems with mods and modding tools that people have with cracked versions.
If you discuss piracy, you will be banned according to our site rules.

If you see anybody going against the above (or you yourself have mistakenly gone against it), please use the report link on the post and leave a short comment that describes the reason for your report so the moderators will deal with it swiftly.

If you enounter any problems with modding tools, ensure that you've updated your modding tools to the latest version. Chances are that the problem you are experiencing is due to a bug that has already been fixed in the latest version of the modding tools. If the problem still occurs with the latest version of the tools, feel free to ask for help.

Mod Requests are to be made in the appropriate Mod Requests Thread.

Mods are to be Released in the Mods sub-forum with the Mod Release Guidelines taken to heart.

Modding Tools are to be released in the Modding Tools and Resources sub-forum with the Modding Tool Release Guidelines taken to heart.

Note that created Superstars/Wrestlers (CAW/CAS) aren't considered Mods and thus aren't to be discussed in the modding section.

Also, it is a good idea to backup your unmodified game folder before modding so you can easily restore any files that you have replaced or "deleted by mistake" and won't have to bother the community about it.
If you forgot to back up the game before modding, you can always verify the game files via Steam which will download any missing files.

Lastly, you can ask for help on the Official Smacktalks Discord Chat Server.

Thank you very much!

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