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[PC] Make all PC STEAM Creation Requests Here (NOT Mod Requests)


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I try to create my stardom and shimmer roster , but I'm really bad at this. 

Can someone try to create :

Gail Kim

Scarlett Bordeaux 

Shotzi Blackheart

Christina Von Eerie

Marti Belle

Kiera Hogan

Gabi Castrovinci 

Mia Yim



Dakota Kai

Priscilla Kelly

Mandy Leon

Deonna Purrazzo

Brandi Rhodes

Taeler Hendrix

Thank you !

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I hope that is considered as Creation if not tell me please where I can find help for that^^ - I need someone who can maybe help me creating a picture I can use as Tattoo or on the clothes

A Skull with a night cap  to use on one of my CAWs

with a skull like that



And a Nightcap like that or similar


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Arn Anderson

Tully Blanchard

Kevin Sullivan

Wolfpac Blonde Nash

as well as those

On 17/10/2017 at 4:41 PM, mitchflossin said:

Hey guys! 

You all are so talented - really appreciate all the time and effort you folks put into your mods and creations.

If possible, here are a handful I'd be interested in:

  • Bobby Eaton
  • Johnny B. Badd
  • Rick and Scott Steiner (pre-NWO)
  • Barry Windham
  • Rick Rude attires (nothing in particular - just something different than the default)
  • Macho Man (NWO attire)

Thanks again - you guys rock!!


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Can someone pls create RoH and NJPW Caws or uploaded again?

Bad Luck Fale

Takashi Iizuka

Yujio Takahashi

Cody Hall

Ryusuke Taguchi


Togi Makabe

David Finlay

Motorcity Machine Guns

Frankie Kazarian

Punisher Martinez

Rocky Romero

The Dawgs

Coast 2 Coast

Silas Young

Chuck Taylor

Trent Baretta

Sami Callihan

Colt Cabana

Jack Evans

Scorpio Sky

Johnatan Gresham


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On 9/30/2017 at 12:57 AM, LordJustice17 said:


    - ONLY requests for PC Creations should be made in this thread.

    - ALL requests for PC Creations should be made here (NOT MOD REQUESTS), NOT in other threads.
    - DO NOT request previously requested or already created items (use the search functions).
    - DO NOT tag specific creators.
    - REFERENCE PICS are not required but may be helpful (just don't flood the thread with too many).
    - FAILURE to follow the above rules may result in post removals, warnings, or suspensions.
    Other Requests

Marty Scurll

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