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Logo Replacing and Injection [Discussion]

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Shreyas 03

Well is it possible two do specific things

1.) In the logo PAC files like logoedit and other logo PAC files containing flags, can custom logos be inserted?

Well, there is no use for flags and it will lead to one great project for mine? It was also done by @CenzTom or @jakeypearce


2.) Injecting logo

Can custom logos be directly injected.....there was a PC trainer launched by someone I don't recall, is it possible to use community creations as less as possible



I am planning a TNA/Impact Wrestling Mod where all logos will be replaced by TNA and the country logo by TNA logos....

Also I will with proper permission implement some mods of TNA wrestlers ....if the logos injection won't work then using offline method I would try to inject logo and also provide a save file so that community find easy to access TNA

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