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Low Ki / "Reborn" Matt Sydal / Lance Storm uploaded


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Hi everyone.  I recently purchased the game (the first WWE game I've bought in years) and have found this community invaluable when it comes to getting the most out of the experience.

I've made a few CAWs that are up on CC if you'd like to snag 'em.  All of them contain a moveset, entrance, and 2 attires.  The music may be off because of how I've replaced entrance themes, so switch it up how you will.

Low Ki - Rottweilers attire and classic attire.

"Reborn" Matt Sydal - the tights aren't 100% accurate logo-wise, but I prefer these logos to the trippy ones he's been wearing lately.

Lance Storm

I also have a killer Colt Cabana, but I made the rookie mistake of making him from scratch over a CAW I downloaded from CC, so I can't upload him.  If anyone knows a work around to get around that short of making him all over again, I'll happily throw him up on CC as well.

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