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Arena Mods (AR2/GS2v2 [PAL])

Credit: Tokidoim, Twist of Fate, BigBossman & Chinhouse

FEB5DF3E BCA99B?? : Current Location

FEB5DF39 BCA99B?? : Arena

FEB5DF3B BCA99B?? : Starting Location

Values :

83 : Smackdown! A

84 : Smackdown! B

87 : RAW A

88 : RAW B

8B : Velocity

8C : Heat

8D : Summerslam

8E : Unforgiven

8F : No Mercy

90 : Survivor Series

91 : Armageddon

92 : Royal Rumble

93 : No Way Out

94 : Wrestlemania XIX

95 : Backlash

96 : Judgement Day

97 : Cool-looking Backstage area w/ F'd up physics

98 : Vengeance

99 : Rebellion

9A : Insurrection

9B : Bad Blood

9C : Elimination Chamber ( Survivor Series )

9F : Smackdown Arena C (No Crowd & Climbable SD! Fist)

A0 : SD Arena D (Has Crowd)

A1 : Arena Back Entrance

A2 : Parking Lot

A3 : Training Room

A4 : Times Square

A5 : Outside Arena A

A6 : Outside Arena B

A7 : Outside (sweet outside area, has an awesome looking ring, cant wrestle in it tho..yet) turn off count out and entro (the ropes look like chain links...soon as we get rope textures, we have a sweet texture to find)

AA : RAW Arena C (No Crowd)

AD : SD Arena E (No Crowd, but has chairs)

AF : Cool Backstage Area (looks Kinda like the one they do interviews at) *glitch* tajiri's mist didnt work here :S (walk through everything) **CANT WIN**

B0 : Same as 2C only with differnt center piece (still cant win)

B1 : Same as 2c and 2D Cage like center piece and turquoise background (assumed no win)

B2 : Backstage Area (Has boundaries) (Still....no winning)

B3 : SD Arena F (ramp, and stage are missing, just black, has fog like effect when the camera zooms out.) *we can win again*

B4 : Raw Arena D (same as features as SD Arena F) **i got a good view of the stage, its gone, and it shows the parking lot...**Special Note** This one lagged my PS2 pretty bad..i almost thought it froze..~~i tried a tlc match, but there were no weapons, it was just a reg. match~~

B7 : SD Arena G (similar to F, only the Stage (when seen) is different)

B8 : Raw Arena E (same features as SD Arena G) can walk through bottom barriers


14 : Cool-looking Backstage area w/ F'd up physics. Entrances must be off to use this. Set no Ring Out count. You'll start off halfway thru the floor, the area will have the same physics as a ring. There's several levels here and 2 ways to get both you and your opponent on the same level. The easiest way is to go down to where the ropes would be and act like you're leaving the ring. This will drop you down to the bottom level, your opponent should follow. The hard way is to knock your opponent down until he's at the floor level, then run diagonally and you'll climb an invisible turnbuckle. Connect with an aerial move and you'll both be on the floor like you should be. None of the scenery back here is interactive, except the ladder. Try and climb it to find out what it does...

19 : Elimination Chamber ( Survivor Series ). Use this value only with the Always EC code. Otherwise, if you leave the ring, you might not be able to get back in if you get knocked down and you're on the metal grates. Don't select a non-tornado Tag Match if you actually want your partner ( s ) to play. They won't be able to get to the corner positions. If you play with more than 2 wrestlers, the game will automatically put everyone else in chambers. The ref will start a ring out count if you're on the metal grates, but you can reset the count by just bouncing off the ropes.

The 004922C0 is the only one I've actually tested anything on, so far. Unless you've got a hardcore match, that's probably the only one you need. I want to joker this addy just to see if you can instatntly change the match location ( even though I'm 90% sure that it'll either do nothing or cause a lockup ). I figured the main use of this mod will be AS a joker, so you can have some Pre-Match codes ( like the 3-way Tag, 5-on-1 Handicap ) jokered to only work on, say Velocity or Heat, so you can leave them active and not mess up season mode.

I tested values 85, 86, & 89 and got lockups, but I had entrances on, so there might still be something there. I tested 8A with entrances off and got a lockup

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hey this reminds me, if you put always tlc on and do a non timed slobber knocker, take the chair, slide out of the ring, o and have on always backstage too, then just go backstage, and you can go anywhere, but when you go back you are in a different arena

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Nice ;) Do That in a Royal Rumble and see what happens. Or use the "Sart Match At Stage Code" (I posted in another thread) USe it when playing an Elimanation Chambre match and you will be outside the chambre. Use the Always backstage code and see what happens.

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