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Hi everyone! I've created five new attires for Finn Bálor: the one from NXT: Takeover Dallas, NXT: Takeover R Evolution, Beast in the East, NXT: Takeover London and a custom one. To find them in community creations, use the hashtag "rhuanico99".

R Evolution:










Beast in the East:





Dallas (sorry about the beard glitch, I don't know how to fix it):





Custom one (I've not uploaded this one yet; I would like to hear some feedback about it first):





Thank u for all the positive reviews u have been giving me on my other caws. Be sure to check them out on communiy creations and their topic right here on smacktalks forum in the links below:





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Thank u Adm King! I'll try to make it as soon as possible!!! :)

Unfortunately Cunda, the only way to make Finn Bálor use that attire and make the demon entrance is to go to the edit menu and set that attire as a separate caw. Then u have to copy his moveset from the original Balor and put the demon entrance.

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damn i can't wait for beast in the east... ;)

In fact i was looking for a guy who will be interested in making balor face paint attires... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl50W6OldOQ    

this link displays his entire demon war paint evolution from the beginning... u can also make a few more like the "venom" "spawn" "carnage" "joker" "punisher" etc.... its request.. i know thats a lot to ask for.. 

if u have time.. give it a shot.... 

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I'm a huge Finn Bálor fan, so even though it will take time, I'm looking forward to do them.
Beast in the East comes out today if everything works out as I expect

did u see the video ??.. finally i found a finn balor fanatic like me.... great then i ll be waiting.. :rolleyes:

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Sorry I couldn't post the Beast in the East attire today, it'll be out as soon as possible
I had already watched the video that's why I made the Dallas one :)

by the way, do u get a lag in the game while playing any ladder match.??. when u climb on the the ladder to grab the MITB or a title the game randomly lags ??? 

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Already available on CC                 
Check the screenshots on the top   


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You welcome! I'll try to make all of his demon attires as soon as possible so I hope u enjoy them!!!

if u need help.. i got a lot of HD pic and tex collection of demon attire variants.. check ur inbox. 

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