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Hogan And Warrior Entrance


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hi ive been wanting the entrance's for the ultimate warrior and hulk hogan

i know that the codes exist but i cant find them anywere for my cheat system i own an AR MAX (PAL) and i have looked a lot on this site and on code x in there code archive and i cant find it anywere so if some one could plz convert it for me id be well pleased. i dont know if it matters but if you need to know the slot's for the CAWs that i want the entrances for its the first and second slot thanks very much in advance scoot :)

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I'll help you mate.

Do all this in the following order, though. Trust me on this.

Right, these codes enable the following superstars to be selectable in Season mode. This is how you should go about getting Hogan's and Warrior's entrance.

Enter these codes on your AR MAX:

Hulk Hogan



Ultimate Warrior


After entering them, insert your SmackDown! HCTP disc when prompted. When the game loads - go to Options - then go into/find Save System Data, save it and voila! What this has done has unlocked Hogan's and Warrior's movesets in Create-A-Move Set to give your CAW Hogan's or Warrior's moveset, go into the CAW that you want to give the entrance to and then go to AUTO SETTING at the bottom and select SUPERSTARS and thyen select Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior from the Superstar moves menu. After that, your CAW WILL have Hogan's or Warrior's entrance and moves. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR CHANGES AT THIS POINT. After you've done, you'll notice this leaves a problem in your season mode as the Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior models were deleted from the final version of the game and may lead to crashing. So after you've saved your changes to your CAW's, reset your PS2 and re-insert your AR MAX disc and make sure the codes which were previously given are inactive. Now, enter the below codes:

Hulk Hogan



Ultimate Warrior



This removes both characters from season mode and from the Create-A-Move Set menu (this WON'T affect your CAW's modified moveset).

Read this carefully. Any problems e-mail me at r_monckman@hotmail.com


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Yeah me too these are well good codes but i know that jeff hardy was removed completely from the game but do u know a code AR max PAL to unlock his entrance move

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00 = Selectable (in Season Mode and Unlocked in Create-A-Moveset)

06 = Unselectable

Al Snow (The Rock w/o Elbow Pads - has Al Snow's Moveset)

004C6B47 000000??

Billy Gunn

004C4477 000000??

Billy Kidman

004C62A7 000000??


004C3337 000000??

Hulk Hogan

004C3EB7 000000??

Hulk Hogan (Legend)

004C80D7 000000??


004C4307 000000??

Jeff Hardy

004C2367 000000??

Molly Holly

004C4BA7 000000??


004C4027 000000??

Spike Dudley

004C4E87 000000??

Ultimate Warrior

004C7F67 000000??

William Regal

004C2927 000000??

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