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****hidden Winning Moves Found!****


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Russell speak:

"I've found the winning moves for Jeff Hardy, William Regal, Billy Gunn and Hulk Hogan. Reply if you want to know how to get them. "

Also I Saw This In The Other topic:


Hulk Hogans Winning Move

Hulk Hogan's Winning Move is in the game! This is how you get it. Right, find the code to play as BOTH versions of Hogan in Season mode - to unlock their movesets in Create-A-Superstar (moves section). Then select your Hogan CAW, then go to to Auto Setting (to change moves) - then into Superstars and select Hulk Hogan (the bottom one - before The Hurricane) and select it. Then, change the Special moves to: Atomic Leg Drop 1 and the second to Atomic Leg Drop 2 and change the Favourites to Fury Punch 5, Fury Punch 3 and the last one to Big Boot 6. Then, find the code to give your CAW of Hogan his entrance (trust me). Then after you win a match. Hogan will be flexing and doing his ear cup.

Enjoy! ;)

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Peeps you so stupid... :lol

I use for my CAWs winning moves!

Its all hiddens:

Jeff Hardy (yes its true!)

Hulk Hogan

William Regal

Billy Gunn

I dont have only one winning moves its for Billy Gunn (((

Cuz i dont have code to put Billy Gunn in Season!

POST IT!PLEASE! So if you post this code.

I post other 3 codes... :D

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Hey You! Why you ask me for codes!

i dont ask anyone! But i have on my hard drive

this codes, if you dont have it ITS YOUR FAULT! >:

If you post code for Billy Gunn! I post for:

-Jeff Hardy

-Hulk Hogan

-William Regal

Thats all!

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This really does work, so leave Underfan alone, Danomac. All he is saying is that if you used the move sets for the proposed wrestlers, they will have their respective winning moves. For the second Hogan, his entrance locks up so that is why he is telling you to change it. Nice find, Underfan!

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00 (The Rock)

01 (Steve Austin)

02 (Triple H)

03 (Undertaker)

04 (Rob Van Dam)

05 (Kurt Angle)

06 (Chris Jericho)

07 (Kane)

08 (Booker T)

09 (Chris Benoit)

0A (Edge)

0B (Christian)

0C (Matt Hardy)

0D (Jeff Hardy)

0E (Lita)

0F (Bubba Ray Dudley)

10 (D-Von Dudley)

11 (William Regal)

12 (Lance Storm)

13 (Scott Steiner)

14 (Stephanie McMahon)

15 (Vince McMahon)

16 (Eric Bischoff)

17 (Rey Mysterio)

18 (Bradshaw)

19 (Test)

1A (Big Show)

1B (Trish Stratus)

1C (Tajiri)

1D (Rikishi)

1E (Ric Flair)

1F (Stacy Keibler)

20 (Hollywood Hulk Hogan) <- Generic

21 (Rosie)

22 (Rico)

23 (Jamal)

24 (Billy Gunn)

25 (Chavo Guerrero)

26 (Victoria)

27 (John Cena)

28 (The Hurricane)

29 (Molly Holly)

2A (Torrie Wilson)

2B (Spike Dudley)

2C (Brock Lesnar)

2D (Shawn Michaels)

2E (Goldust)

2F (Goldberg)

30 (Sable)

31 (Mike Chioda)

32 (Michael Cole)

33 (Earl Hebner)

34 (Jim Ross)

35 (Jerry Lawler)

36 (Johnathan Coachman)

37 (Linda McMahon)

38 (Eddie Guerrero)

39 (Billy Kidman)

3A (Sargeant Slaughter)

3B (Rodney Mack)

3C (Batista)

3D (Randy Orton)

3E (Val Venis)

3F (Al Snow)

40 (A-Train)

41 (Tazz)

42 (Kevin Nash)

43 (Steven Richards)

44 (Roddy Piper)

45 (Ted Dibiase)

46 (Jimmy Snuka)

47 (Sean O

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The codes posted by Zxero are in HEX (NTSC), but will work without having to convert/encrypt 'em with a CB2v1 - v8 & GS2v3/v4.

Yes, and I also got them from trigins site, so you can thank him for it.

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